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If you’re looking to add an exciting dining experience to your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2022, look no further than The Datai Langkawi’s The Chef Series

Six of the most talented chefs in the country will be calling the luxury resort home at different points of the year. Diners can expect to be spoiled with the chefs’ personal takes on their specialty cuisines, the best local seasonal produce, elevated flavours and, of course, personalised experiences. 

For the upcoming instalment, The Chef Series will welcome Chef Johnson Wong of Gēn, Chef Makoto Saito Sam of Hibiki Sushi, Chef Azli Ahmad of OpenHouse, Chef Raymond Tham of Skillet and Beta, and Chef Masashi Horiuchi of Entier. Previous years have seen the likes of Chef Darren Chin, Chef Nelly Robinson, and father-and-son duo Michel and Sébastien Bras graced The Datai’s kitchen with their skill and stature.

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January 6 & 7: Chef Johnson Wong, Gēn Penang

The Chef Series will premiere with Wong, a graduate of Sydney’s Le Cordon Bleu who is currently flexing his culinary muscles at his own restaurant, Gēn in George Town, Penang. With years of Michelin-starred experience under his belt and passport stamps that some of us can only dream of, Wong has spent the last few years perfecting the use of local produce, his culture and childhood memories as his tools. His restaurant was named one of William Reed’s Asia’s Extended 51-100 Best Restaurants, Penang’s sole representative on the esteemed list. 

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February 25-27: Chef Masaki Arakawa, Sushi Azabu

February is the month of Japanese cuisine at The Datai Langkawi, more specifically, it is the month of authentic Edo-mae cuisine. Chef Masaki Arakawa from KL's branch of Sushi Azabu adopts techniques that have been in the cuisine for generations and his food is rooted in tradition with tasteful traits of modernity. He has been in the industry since he was 16 years old so diners can expect nothing but the best from his skills and knowledge about his food. 

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May: Chef Azli Ahmad, OpenHouse

The OpenHouse chef has dedicated his career to preserving the heritage of traditional Malay foods and flavours. Committed to authenticity, he makes it his mission to promote and protect heritage flavours that are in danger of disappearing.

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June 17 - 19: Chef Raymond Tham, Skillet at 163/Beta KL

Tham has made a name for himself in modern Malaysian cuisine. He’s been on multiple sides of the culinary table from a chocolatier for a cocoa manufacturer to a a culinary arts lecturer at KDU University College. He constantly redraws the lines between tradition and modernity with his dishes.

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August 18 & 19: Chef Masashi Horiuchi, Entier

Horiuchi began his post-culinary school career in Switzerland and that led to over 20 years slicing, dicing, and julienning across Europe alongside renowned chefs George Blanc and Antoine Westermann. As head chef of Entier Horiuchi takes what he calls “die-hard French” techniques and marries them with quality local ingredients.

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October 6 & 7: Chefs Lee Zhe Xi & Soh Yong Zi, Eat & Cook

These two chefs have been revolutionising Malaysian ingredients and flavours since the opening of their restaurant, using seasonal ingredients and enviable finesse to execute some of the most elegant dishes to grace the Klang Valley. Their skill and passion for food has most recently earned them a spot on Tatler Dining Malaysia's Top 20 Restaurants of 2022 list

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