The Tatler guests savoured three exquisite expressions in the intimate session, hosted by brand ambassador Anna Mitchell

Our whisky loving Tatler friends recently paid a visit to The Tatler Bar on a Thursday night for an intimate Royal Salute whisky tasting session. The event was hosted by brand ambassador Anna Mitchell, who shared the history behind this much-loved blended Scotch whisky.

Royal Salute was created in 1953 to honour Queen Elizabeth’s coronation so naturally, it had to be special. Therefore, only the whisky from Strathisla (the oldest distillery in the Scottish Highlands that is still in operation) was used to create its expressions. It was also named Royal Salute after the 21-gun salute that often takes place during special occasions.

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That said, the session started with the Royal Salute 21 signature blend—the youngest blend in its repertoire. Mitchell proudly shares: “We begin where others end.” The time the ‘new make’ spirit spent in oak casks gives this expression its rich and golden brown colour and complex taste of vanilla, sherry and hints of smoke.

As Sustenir founder Benjamin Swan observes: “The 21 Year Old is so easy to drink… it’s reliable and the consistency is always the same.”

Moving on to the next expression, the invited guests sampled the 21-Year-Old Polo Estancia Edition, which is finished in Argentinean malbec casks to give the whisky its deep colour and intense fruity flavours. Jaclyn Aw, PayPal’s enterprise marketing lead, enthuses that it “feels warmer” due to the spicy and jammy notes. Vikna Rajah, partner and head of Tax & Trust at Rajah & Tann Singapore, adds that he likes its sweetness and smoothness—it easily slides down the throat and leaves a warm and lasting impression.

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As most whisky tasting sessions go, we always save the best expression for last—the 38 Year Old Stone of Destiny. Guests were impressed by the special bottle which comes with a crown-shaped cap. As one of the most prestigious expressions in Royal Salute’s collection, it has rich dried fruits and bold spices, and the finish is extremely long. As Alfred Chua, the managing director of The Wok People mentions, “It’s meant to be enjoyed now.”

Whiskies are so versatile that they can be enjoyed with a variety of foods. That evening, the guests savoured these expressions with St Regis Singapore’s specially curated tea sets. In between sips of their dram, they tucked into the likes of freshly baked scones, mini brioche topped with lobster salad, and beetroot and herb cheese tart.


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