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Whether it’s healthy home-cooked food or a weight-loss diet programme, opting for meal plan subscriptions can be a lifesaver for busy bees

We’ve all been in that daily rut of trying to figure out how to jazz up our meals while working from home, and let's face it: no one wants to spend time prepping and cooking in the kitchen while our brains are utterly consumed by work. While we can always opt for food deliveries, there are times when we just want to get our weekly nutrition needs through the convenience of meal plan subscriptions. Here are 10 brands offering tasty menus that will also improve your health and wellbeing.

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1. Nutrition Kitchen

Nutrition Kitchen is a chef-prepared meal plan subscription that serves daily food deliveries islandwide. Upon order, the culinary team curates a menu that caters to your individual needs and goals—whether it’s for weight loss, muscle building or health reasons. The chefs understand that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, so they offer sumptuous dishes spanning a wide range of cuisines that cater to every palate. Highlights include their signature baked Icelandic halibut with chermoula marinade and roasted Moroccan vegetables; char siu roasted pork tenderloin with seasonal vegetables; and ginger-scallion brown rice and chicken chasseur stew with roasted mushrooms, red peppers, snow peas and potatoes. 

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2. Grain

As its name implies, Grain offers healthy grains and extremely tasty meals to those who are looking for a convenient way to satiate their cravings. Its offerings include a minimum of three meals a day, and dishes are updated daily so you’ll always have something new to look forward to. Think Kerala curried chicken on a bed of butterfly pea rice topped with pickled cucumbers and chunky potatoes; slow-cooked mutton masala with fragrant jasmine rice and refreshing apricot salsa; and Basil thunder tea rice with nourishing dang gui broth.

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3. Fresher

Eating fresh and healthy food without slaving away in the kitchen has never been easier with Fresher. Its team of chefs prepares their meals from scratch every day and keeps them in well-packed containers for an instant lunch or dinner fix. Offerings are categorised as high-protein, protein and keto-friendly, and the chefs offers a bevy of Asian and Western fare such as 36-hour sous vide duck confit with creamed mashed cauliflower and brussel sprouts; housemade sugar-free salmon laksa with zero-calorie Konjac noodles; and chilli con carne with garlic roasted broccoli and mushroom. Each meal comes with a calorie count, in case you want to keep track of your daily intake while enjoying these chef-prepared eats. 

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4. Yolo

Yolo takes the philosophy of ‘You Only Live Once’ seriously in promoting healthier eating because, well, we only have one life to live. Why not make the most out of it by eating well with the help of Yolo’s sumptuous meals. The chefs offer menus based on four specific goals: weight loss, eat clean, low carb and vegetarian. They also specialise in Asian and Western fare and among the signatures are the Peranakan curry chicken with basmati rice; beef meatballs with mashed potatoes, tomato sauce and sauteed vegetables; and baked honey miso salmon with cauliflower rice and sauteed edamame. Vegetarian alternatives are also available.

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5. Eat Fit Meal Prep

Eat Fit Meal Prep understands that keeping fit also means eating right, and the culinary team has designed customisable meals that will help you achieve this goal. Choose between the six- and nine-meal subscription plan and get access to their wide range of tasty dishes, prepared daily using fresh ingredients and natural seasonings. Craving for pasta? Opt for the Asian-inspired tilapia penne, entwined with the earthy flavours of sesame and served with a side of vegetables, or the teriyaki prawn spaghetti. But if you prefer to load up on proteins, the perfectly grilled New Zealand ribeye steak doused in black pepper sauce will be more suited to your liking. 

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6. Insane Meals

Insane Meals is Singapore’s newest plant-based meal subscription service that collaborates with plant-based protein brands like Impossible Meat, Tindle and Omnimeat to deliver tasty and healthy meals that are good for us and the planet. Its service brings you conveniently packed meals twice a week, and you can easily pop them in the microwave for a quick lunch or dinner fix. To cater to local palates, its repertoire includes Cheeky Mala Xiang Guo, Sweet ‘n’ Sour Plork, and the oh-so-hearty Sayur Lovely Lodeh, a Malay-inspired vegetable stew. The menu also includes the highly recommended Impossible Burger, which is an umami bomb topped with fresh veggies, plant-based bacon and finished with tangy mustard in between vegan buns.

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7. Lean Bento

This halal-certified bento meal delivery service takes the Japanese sensibility of healthy and balanced eating a step further with its protein-forward bentos that help with muscle building, weight loss, and good health Those who have just started this journey may opt for the seven-day package, and you can choose from options such as high-protein, keto-friendly and pregnant lady-friendly to suit your personal goals. Whatever you choose, you are sure to receive sumptuous and nutririous dishes. Some of the standouts are the tender roast chicken, as well as sous vide salmon and vegan tofu ball with your choice of base (aro, noodles, rice, zucchini, egg scramble). 

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8. Ketomei

Ketomei is the first keto meal plan delivery service on the island, and its meal plans are created by professional chefs who specifically cater to customers following the ketogenic diet, comprising low carb and high fat and protein meals. Their aim is to showcase that this type of diet isn't limited to bland food, so they’ve incorporated hawker dishes and Asian and Western fare into their menu. Expect all-time favourites such as babi pong teh, a Nyonya-style sautéed pork belly stew with baked shitake mushrooms, braised bean curd, omelette, and fried cauliflower rice; Peruvian roast chicken accompanied by French beans, roasted cauliflower, baked asparagus and cherry tomatoes; and Thai-style sea bass served with coriander omelette, sambal ladyfingers and garlic bok choy.

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9. Fitthree

Fitthree has designed high-quality and tasty meals for active people, and options (which range from low-carb, omnitarian to vegetarian) can be delivered to selected gyms and fitness studios. In order to give you your much-needed health boost, the chefs work closely with dieticians to pack each meal with proteins and nutrients using seasonal ingredients and produce. It's also worth mentioning that the chefs go above and beyond to offer you a more curated selection of dishes, with options like Brazilian chicken with kale, corn and cauliflower roasted potato; Moroccan lamb leg with fruity couscous and citrus saffron fennel and salmon; and prawn otah cake with orange-scented quinoa and garden greens. 

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10. Tingkat Delivery By Rich Food

Tingkat Delivery by Rich Food seeks to deliver a taste of home-cooked food that’s equal parts tasty and healthy. Delivered to you in traditional tingkat containers, each tier comes with soup, your choice of three or four mains, and white or brown rice. Meals range from familiar Singaporean classics like fragrant diced chicken with curry; steamed pork ribs with fermented black bean; stir-fried kai lan to black fungus, cabbage and vegetable ball soup. Enjoy these with a bowl of steamed rice—which is a truly Singaporean practice indeed.

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