Cover Bluu Seafood's fish fingers

These cultivated seafood products by Bluu Seafood are slated to arrive on our shores by the end of 2023

The alternative meat industry has been booming in recent years, in hopes of spurring a change in the way we eat. From Good Meat to Tindle Chicken, these companies hope to reduce our global meat consumption by replacing meat with other protein-rich solutions.
The latest addition is Bluu Seafood, Europe’s leading foodtech producer of lab-grown seafood. Founded in 2020 by Dr Sebastian Rakers, Bluu Seafood aims to produce sustainable and delicious cell-cultured fish products.

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After two years of extensive research and development, the foodtech company has unveiled its first market-ready products: fish fingers and fish balls. The completion of its first products has made Bluu Seafood the first company in Europe to produce cultivated fish.
The seafood alternative has been cultivated from fish cells, without compromising on animal welfare, and enriched with plant proteins to optimise cooking process, taste and texture.

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“Conventional seafood production has reached its limits as more than 90 per cent of edible fish stocks are exploited to maximum levels and post serious threats to marine ecosystems. With Bluu Seafood, we can make an important contribution to the supply of animal protein that allows us to manage our oceans in a way that conserves resources and hopefully also promotes biodiversity in this habitat that is so important to all of us,” shares Rakers.  
In addition to fish balls and fish fingers, this foodtech company has also begun developing first prototypes of more ‘complex’ products such as fish fillets and sashimi.
Bluu Seafood’s fish fingers and fish balls hope to reach key markets in North America, Europe and Asia—including Singapore—by the end of 2023.

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