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Impress your dinner guests with these classic and novel turkey creations available in Singapore this year

It’s a Christmas tradition for most families to include the quintessential roast turkey in their festive spread. Thankfully, gone are the days when the only option we had was the classic version with the usual trimmings. Now, the chefs have gotten more creative by infusing their renditions with Asian flavours. How’s that for a merrier feast?


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Thai roast turkey

Give your Christmas party a Thai spin and make this signature dish the centrepiece of your feast. The chef prepares the fowl by marinating it in a concoction of herbs and spices (for a fiery kick). He slow roasts it to a precise golden brown, without sacrificing the crispness of the skin and the flavours of the meat. Complementing the turkey are four house-made piquant sauces: red curry, green curry, Panang curry and basil and chilli. Available until December 31.

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Tom yum turkey

A new Thai-inspired flavour this year, the 6kg bird is steeped in an ensemble of tom yum paste and mustard sauce for 24 hours. The result? An invigorating spicy-and-sour flavour you can taste in every bite. Served with green papaya salad, tom yum sauce and house-made tamarind dip. Available until December 31.

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Tandoori turkey

Chef Milind Sovani’s offering features the game bathed in a medley of 26 spices, including cardamom, nutmeg, mace and deggi mirch (a special blend of Indian red chillies) for one day. It’s meticulously cooked for hours and served with honey makhni, a butter-based tomato dip accented with spices and made with organic manuka honey. Available until December 31.

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Roasted Szechuan mala turkey

If you need more spice in your life this festive season, opt for this creation that features the well-done meat packed with the intense but addictive flavours of mala. To balance the heat, it’s served with an assortment of pickled tomatoes, winter vegetables and mala peanut sauce. Available until December 25.


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Otah roast turkey

This year’s local rendition features the bird seasoned overnight in a mixture of fresh galangal, lemongrass, turmeric, ground cumin and ground coriander; it ensures the beautiful flavours seep into the core before it’s slow-roasted to a delicious finish.

The chef has also prepared two varieties of stuffing: the homemade chicken otah and chestnut blended with a secret rempah recipe, and the basmati rice redolent with a heady mix of spices, dried cranberry and nuts. It is also best eaten when the turkey is dipped into the specially-concocted Asian lemak gravy. Available until December 25.

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