Cover There are digital apps that can help in almost every aspect of cooking and dining (Photo: Unsplash)

Cooking doesn't have to be a challenge, especially when you have these digital apps to assist you

Want to improve your culinary skills, but at a loss as to where to start? Let technology help you.

Here are 9 useful apps to help with every aspect of home cooking, from ingredient selection to finishing off leftovers. Most of them are even free. They are available from both Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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Yummly’s database contains thousands of personalised recipes for aspiring chefs to try. Their uniquely customisable recipe search functions are particularly useful for those with special dietary needs or lifestyles. You can even sort recipes by skill level.


Free on ioS and Android.

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Kitchen Stories

Social media and cooking come together in this wholesome app. With Kitchen Stories, not only can you look up recipes, you can also upload your own recipes, photos and videos to share with the international community. After all, nothing brings people together like food.


Free on ioS and Android.

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SideChef was developed after its founder, Kevin Yu, had to cook for his girlfriend. Referring to an online recipe, he realised he did not know how to do things like ‘mince garlic’ or ‘blanch asparagus’. He created this cooking platform, which is packed with step-by-step photos, how-to videos, voice commands, and various tools to aid even the most novice chefs.


Free on ioS and Android.

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Don’t know what to do with all the ingredients in your fridge? Supercook to the rescue. Simply type in your ingredients, and the app provides recipes of what you can make with them. For added entertainment value, key in the most unlikely ingredient combos. You might end up making a new favourite dish.


Free on ioS and Android.

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Paprika Recipe Manager

Just like the spice it’s named after, Paprika Recipe Manager is versatile and aims to add colour to your life. It serves mostly as a recipe manager, allowing you to save recipes found online in one convenient place. The app also allows you to create meal plans, grocery lists and menus.


US$5 (about RM20) on ioS and Android.

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Forks Over Knives

Here's one for vegetarians. In 2011, documentary Forks Over Knives, which centres around a group of people using plant-based diets to regain control of their health, was released. Its accompanying website and app are dedicated to promoting healthy living. Every week, new plant-based recipes are added to the hundreds in its database, giving one plenty of delicious vegetarian dishes to choose from.


US$4.99 (about RM20) on ioS and Android.

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What’s the point of making delicious food if you don’t have a good drink to wash it down with? Mixel lets you play bartender at home, giving you access to over 80 free cocktail recipes. Also included are tasting notes and a cocktail recipe creator. Pay for its upgraded version to access 2,000 recipes.


Free on ioS and Android. 

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Fridge Hero

Imagine opening your fridge and discovering the stew you stored away two nights ago has expired. Avoid this problem with Fridge Hero. List your leftovers in the app's Pantry, Freezer and Fridge Tabs, and input their best before dates. Set reminders, colour code your food by priority, and make food wastage a thing of the past.


Free on ioS and Android.

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Big Oven

Big Oven, one of the first recipe apps to be developed back in 2003, still commands a huge following today. It aims to be a one-stop-shop for home cooks, with a huge database of recipes, a meal planner, and even a function telling you what to do with your leftovers. The Big Oven Kitchen also creates new recipe videos every week.


Free on ioS and Android.

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