Cover Here are all the cherry blossom viewing spots in Hong Kong (Photo: @jona_photoss/Instagram)

Bummed out you can't travel to Japan to enjoy cherry blossom season? See the seasonal flora right here in Hong Kong at these cherry blossom viewing spots

Having lived in Japan for about two years, I experience first hand the cherry blossoms craze once spring comes—and for the right reasons. These beautiful yet fleeting flowers are a truly breathtaking sight. It also symbolises new beginnings, reminding us to enjoy each moment while it lasts since the flowers are only in bloom for about two weeks.

As international travel is still on hold due to the pandemic, a visit back to my third home is off the cards for me, as well for cherry blossom (or sakura) fanatics flocking to Japan or South Korea for their yearly magical hanami (cherry blossom) experience.

But the good news is that we actually have our fair share of cherry blossom spots here in Hong Kong. Of course, they're a far cry from the postcard images of our neighbours, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate what our own city has to offer.

To enjoy the beauty of spring and your Hong Kong hanami experience, we're listing down all the places in the city to see these beautiful flowers.

Editor's note: The best time to see the cherry blossoms is typically from January–April but since this is a natural phenomenon, the peak bloom depends on the weather and climate which varies each year as well as the type of cherry tree. We suggest checking the yearly cherry blossom forecast in Japan to get an idea of when you should go to see the ones in Hong Kong.

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Tai Po Waterfront Park

Tai Po Waterfront Park spans 22 hectares, making it the city's largest public park and also home to the most diverse cherry blossoms in Hong Kong including the yoshino cherry as well as the Fuji cherry.

If you're love flowers, Tai Po Waterfront Park is also a treat given the other flowers you can see here including camellia and rose. The spiral lookout tower is one of the gram' and just a great place to take a stroll.

Tai Po Waterfront Park, Dai Fat Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, Tai Po, Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Velodrome Park

Hong Kong Velodrome Park is probably the most abundant place that has cherry trees. A total of 11 cherry trees from Taiwan and Japan call this place home. The popular Instagram spots to snap photos of the cherry blossoms are near the velodrome as well as the central lawn.

If you'd like to explore the park more, they also have a skatepark as well as a climbing wall if you're looking to try some outdoor activities.

Hong Kong Velodrome Park, 105–107 Po Hong Road, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

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Kwan Kung Pavillion, Cheung Chau

This might come as a surprise but the sunny, idyllic island of Cheung Chau is home to 10 cherry trees particularly in the Kwan Kung Pavillion. This makes for an incredible sight as the gorgeous cherry blossoms contrast against the traditional red Chinese pavilion. Inside the temple is also a 2.5-metre-tall statue of Kwan Kung, a Han dynasty general.

If you're going to visit Cheung Chau, might as well explore all the charming cafes, take in the relaxing scenery and try all the delicious food. It makes for a perfect day trip or weekend getaway.

Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong

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Rotary Park, Tai Mo Shan Country Park

Right from the entrance of Tai Mo Shan Country Park, you'll already be greeted with several cherry trees. But over at the Rotary Park Nature Trail, the scenery is even more beautiful with 38 cherry trees along the picturesque park trail. Nature lovers can rejoice as the country park is also a great place to hike up and enjoy sweeping vistas of Hong Kong.

Tai Mo Shan Country Park, Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong

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Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden is another great place for those who love flowers and nature. Spreading over 148 hectares of land on the northern slopes of Tai Mo Shan, you can admire the forest, gardens, walking trails, vegetable terraces and of course, cherry blossoms here. The pavilion here is home to Taiwan cherry trees which are different from those commonly seen in Japan.

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, Lam Kam Road, Tai Po, Hong Kong

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Quarry Bay Promenade

Quarry Bay Promenade offers a lot of things—a scenic promenade to stroll or jog around, a place to see stunning views of Hong Kong's waters and a cherry blossom viewing site. Once night hits, the promenade lights up as a date spot for those looking for a romantic stroll.

Over during the day, it's a playground for kids, skaters and tai chi enthusiasts. You can also just get sun-kissed here while out on a picnic.

Quarry Bay Promenade, Hoi Yu Street, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

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New Asia College, Chinese University of Hong Kong

It might seem like an odd choice for a university to be one of the city's few cherry blossom spots but the 20 cherry trees planted here were actually to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the university's department of Japanese studies. While the majority of the cherry trees are Japanese flowering cherry outside Chih Hsing Hall in New Asia College, a few of them are the dark pink cherry trees near the school bus stop at United College.

In case you didn't know, the Chinese University of Hong Kong is also one of the places to see autumn leaves in Hong Kong.

Chih Hsing Hall, New Asia College, Ma Liu Shui, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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