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Find out where the most Instagrammable places are to take photos of seasonal flora here in Hong Kong

Spring is here––the season of new beginnings and seasonal flora. With the pandemic still keeping international travel off the table, travelling to new and undiscovered places seems more like a dream for now, making it the perfect time to instead see more of what our city has to offer. Lucky for us, Hong Kong has no shortage of great places, from Instagram spots, traditional villages, secret islands, bustling neighbourhoods to flower viewing spots.

Japan, South Korea and The Netherlands may be the premier spots for flower viewing, but that doesn't mean Hong Kong doesn't have its own fair share of beautiful spots that rival them. Whether it's the beautiful cherry blossoms, the fiery red cotton tree, the striking sunflowers or the colourful tulips—you can admire them all in Hong Kong.

Curious to find out where? Cure your travel blues, get your cameras ready and visit these Instagrammable flower viewing spots in the city that we listed down here.

Editor's note: Each flower blooms at a different time period depending on the weather and climate which varies each year. As this is a natural phenomenon, there may be times that the flower may bloom differently than it usually does.

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1. Tai Po Waterfront Park

Flowers to see: Cherry blossom, camellia, rose, hydrangea

We're all sad that we can't travel to Japan or South Korea to see the gorgeous cherry blossoms, but you can actually see these beautiful yet fleeting flowers right here in Hong Kong. There are a number of cherry blossom viewing spots in the city, but Tai Po Waterfront Park stands out among all, thanks to its size—22 hectares—making it the city's largest public park and some to the most diverse cherry blossoms.

Since cherry blossoms only bloom over a short period of time, if you've missed its peak season, you can still enjoy the other flowers in the park including camellia, hydrangea, rose and many more. If that's not Instagrammable enough, the spiral lookout tower is one that feels like it's definitely made for the gram'.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Tai Po station and get off at exit A1. You can take bus no. 72A, 73, 271 or 71K as well as the MTR bus route, K17. Otherwise, you can walk for about 30 minutes to the park.

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2. Hong Kong Velodrome Park

Flowers to see: Cherry blossom, tulip, rose, hydrangea, azalea

If you're looking for a day trip to see an under-the-radar hood', Tseung Kwan O is the place to be, especially in spring.

The Hong Kong Velodrome Park is a park perfect not only for skaters, children and cyclists but also flower enthusiasts thanks to its array of beautiful flowers. The most notable flora here is no doubt the cherry blossom but tulip, rose, hydrangea and azalea are also worth snapping photos of.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Hang Hau station and walk for about 10 minutes to the park.

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3. Lai Chi Kok Park

Flowers to see: Red cotton tree, camellia, hibiscus, bauhinia, cassia

Lai Chi Kok Park may seem out of place—nature amidst all the residential buildings in Mei Foo. But that's exactly why it's a must-visit park as it offers a great contrast in your surroundings as well as provide an escape from the hustle and bustle nearby. Frequently by locals for its beautiful gardens, the park is also often used as the backdrop of historical dramas in Hong Kong.

While the park doesn't offer any green spaces for picnics, the breathtaking Chinese pavilion and Lingnan Garden are what attract visitors to come. Another highlight is definitely the sprawling flowers across the park, whether it's the red cotton tree, camellia, hibiscus, bauhinia or cassia.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Mei Foo station and get off at exit A. Walk for about 8 minutes to the park entrance.

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4. Shek Kong Barracks

Flowers to see: Red cotton tree

Can't wait for the autumn foliage? See the red cotton trees instead. There are a number of places in Hong Kong where these flowers grow but Shek Kong Barracks is a definite standout.

You can admire a whole hillside covered in these fiery blossoms, creating a very beautiful photo for your gram'. What's even better is its rather remote and off-the-beaten-path location. Tucked away in New Territories, you can expect the freshness of spring, no pollution and hopefully even a few crowds.

How to get there: Take the train to Kam Sheung Road station. From there, take minibus 608 and get off at Shek Kong Camp. Alternatively, you can also take bus 64, 77K, 21B or 251M and get off at Pat Heung Shek Kong Bridge.

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5. Quarry Bay Park

Flowers to see: Cherry blossoms, bauhinia, daisy, red cotton tree

This urban park is nestled between the Quarry Bay Promenade and the Tai Koo Shing Housing Estate, giving you the best of both worlds: nature and city. It's the perfect place to take a stroll, jog, admire the harbour view and take stunning photos of the many flowers here whether it's cherry blossoms, bauhinia, daisy or red cotton tree.

The night view here is also a stunner as the lights across the harbour as well as from the buildings light up to create a romantic atmosphere. It also makes up for a great picnic spot, a playground for kids or a place for tai chi enthusiasts.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Quarry Bay station and walk for about 10 minutes to the park.

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6. Victoria Peak Garden

Flowers to see: Hydrangea, camellia

Boasting a dog-friendly picnic area, children's play area, Victorian-style pagoda and of course, photogenic flowers, Victoria Peak Garden is an oasis in the heart of Hong Kong.

Originally the garden and grounds of the Governor of Hong Kong's summer residence, the garden allows an escape from the crowded streets and jam-packed sidewalks and just lets you unwind and appreciate the spectacular scenery especially the hydrangea and camellia flowers.

How to get there: Take the Peak Tram to The Peak Tower. From there, you can walk towards the end of Mount Austin Road where the garden is located. Alternatively, you can also take a taxi from Central.

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7. Shun Sum Yuen Farm

Flowers to see: Sunflower, wisteria, lily

Chances are, you've seen the sunflowers at Shun Sum Yuen Farm as it caused quite an Instagram craze last year. But since then, other flowers have also emerged such as the wisteria and lily which seem reminiscent of the ones in Japan's Kawachi Wisteria Garden and Ashikaga Flower Park.

The sunflowers here are certainly the main draw, boasting yellow, gold, orange and sometimes even red colours, all originating from Japan and the Netherlands. Recently, a wisteria-like tunnel has been making the rounds on Instagram as well as the various colours of lily fields.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Yeun Long station and get off at exit G2. Take bus 76K just across the bridge and alight at Shek Wu Wai bus stop. From there, cross the road and go through the subway. Follow the signs along the route for about 10 minutes.

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8. Long Valley Wetland

Flowers to see: Cole flowers

Long Valley Wetland is one of the two places to see cole flowers or rape blossoms in Hong Kong. The wetland consists of more than 400 farmlands is by far the largest continuous freshwater wetland in the city.

In addition to the cole flowers, watercress, water spinach as well other animals also call this place home. It also serves as the main wintering ground for migratory birds. If you're up for it, it may be worth going birdwatching here too in addition to seeing the seasonal flora.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Sheung Shui station. From there, take minibus 51K and get off at Ho Sheung Village Office. Walk through the village to the Sheung Yue River and cross it to get to the wetland.

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9. Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden

Flowers to see: Queen’s wreath, cherry blossom, hydrangea, azaleas, orchid

If you're not looking for any specific flower and just want to see as much as you can in a day, Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden is the place to explore. Spanning over 148 hectares of land, this farm and garden is home to many types of flowers.

Originally established to provide aid to farmers as well as leisure to the public, themed gardens were designed and planted from the 1960s onwards. Thanks to their flora and fauna conservation, it's the ideal place not to just take photos for your feed but also to learn more about the city's biodiversity.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Tai Po Market, Tai Wo or Kam Sheung Road stations. From any of these stations, you can take bus 64K and get off at the Kadoorie Farm stop.

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10. Nam Cheong Park

Flowers to see: Golden trumpet

Nam Cheong Park is relatively one of the more lesser-known parks in Hong Kong. Located in Sham Shui Po, Nam Cheong Park not only has lawns, a children's play area and a fitness area for the elderly, it also boasts two lines of golden trumpet trees.

Reaching full bloom around March to April, the trees make up for a great backdrop when you're strolling with your partner, friends or family almost looking like a scene out of a Korean drama. The park is also a great place to have a picnic and enjoy a day out in the sun.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Nam Cheong station and get off at exit D1. From there, you can take buses 12, 701, 971 or A21 and get off at the exit right outside the park.

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11. Un Chau Estate

Flowers to see: Azalea

In the most unlikely of places, you'll find a hidden gem. That's the azalea blooming at Un Chau Estate during spring. Hidden in plain sight because of the staggering buildings in the area, the azalea tunnel here is often overlooked by many but if you get to visit, it feels like you've landed in a fairytale-like tunnel.

When one thinks of an Instagrammable estate in Hong Kong, Choi Hung Estate usually comes to mind. But this estate definitely rivals that or better yet, it's Hong Kong's answer to Ukraine's famous Tunnel Of Love.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Cheung Sha Wan station and get off at exit C2. The flower tunnel is right by the estate's entrance.

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12. Pak Lap Village

Flowers to see: Tulip

If you're on the hunt for the most colourful places to take photos of in Hong Kong, adding Pak Lap Village to the list is a must. Add a splash of colour to your feed with the gorgeous tulips calling this place home. It's no question that Hong Kongers love Japan but with international off the cards, this large flower garden should feel like you've been transported out of the city.

The village is also covered with lush landscapes and photogenic surroundings including rainbow-coloured houses that look like they're straight out of a postcard. After visiting the village, you can also take some time to explore Sai Kung and enjoy its seafood dishes, beautiful beaches and spectacular hikes.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Choi Hung station and get off at exit C1. Then, take minibus 1A to Sai Kung Town. From there, you can take a taxi to reach the farm. If you're planning to visit on a weekend, you can take minibus 9A at Pak Tam Chung Bus Terminal.

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