Cover Here are the best skateparks in Hong Kong (Photo: @lazybutsk8/Instagram)

Looking to try out skateboarding or need a place to practice your skills? We give you the lowdown on the best skateparks in the city

Skateboarding finally made its long-awaited debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The sport was once reserved as a leisure activity among a niche group of people but is now rising in popularity.

That popularity is bound to continue as we see pictures of young skaters across the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with 13-year-old Nishiya Momiji taking home the gold medal at the women's street event, followed closely by fellow 13-year-old Brazilian skater, Rayssa Leal. Needless to say, the future of skateboarding is bright and it's not going to be surprising if a lot more people try it out in the years to come.

If you've been inspired by these skateboarding prodigies, just want to try out this cool-looking sport or are in the hunt for a place to polish your skills, you've come to the right place. We break down the best skateparks in Hong Kong, so get your skateboards ready and let's roll.

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Hong Kong Velodrome Park

The Hong Kong Velodrome Park is home to the city's first-ever local indoor cycling facility approved by the International Cycling Union so you know the facilities here are great. The skatepark here is overseen by Convic, a leading skatepark design company that has worked on over 700 sports facilities in the world, including skateparks.

The world-class skatepark is covered with sand-coloured concrete, taking inspiration from the skatepark on Bondi Beach in Sydney. It has a combination of three smoothly-curved half-pipes and bowels for novices but also ramps and ledges for those looking for a challenge or to up their game.

Hong Kong Velodrome Park, Po Hong Road, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong, +852 2878 8621

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Fanling Skatepark

Many might be put off for the time and distance it takes to get to Fanling Skatepark, but it earns extra points for staying open till late—at 11 pm. A favourite among locals, the park boasts three sets of smooth bowls for you to work on your turning or pumping as well as rails and ledges. Among the many skateparks, this one is also well-loved for its smooth concrete ground.

Fanling Skatepark, On Luk Mun Street, On Lok Tsuen, Fanling, Hong Kong

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Lai Chi Kok Park

Lai Chi Kok Park is a little close to my heart, having spent my high school days hanging out there. Located close to Mei Foo MTR Station, the newly renovated park takes pride in being one of the longest standing skateparks in the city. What's even better is that it's divided into three sections—for beginners, intermediates and experts.

There are numerous street elements you can play around with here, whether it's the quarter pipes, stairs, mini-ramps, rails and more. Being the first international standard skatepark in Hong Kong that's certified by the Street League Skateboarding, Lai Chi Kok Park is a must on the list. The skate bowl here is also the icing on the cake as it's suitable not just for skateboarding, but also freestyle scooter, BMX or inline skating. 

Lai Chi Kok Park, 1 Lai Wan Road, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong, +852 2307 0429

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Po Kong Village Road Skatepark

Po Kong Village Road Skatepark is another world-class park that takes inspiration from Syndey's iconic Bondi skate bowl. It's designed for professionals, hosting various competitions and skate events but also welcomes novices who just want to train.

Here, you can find three half-pipe-shaped bowls with slopes and gradients of varying levels of difficulty. There are also ramps of different sizes, rails and ledges.

Po Kong Village Road Skatepark, 140 Po Kong Village Road, Diamond Hill, Hong Kong, +852 2320 6140

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Sk85ive2 Skatepark

If you want some cover from the heat, an indoor skatepark doesn't sound like a bad idea especially if you prefer a more intimate experience. Sk85ive2 Skatepark is hidden inside an industrial building in Hong Kong and while it may not be visible from the outside, don't be fooled—it's a favourite among Hong Kong's skaters.

Ditching hard concrete floors, Sk85ive2 Skatepark uses wooden ramps, ledges and rails. If you need to catch your breath, there's a retail area for you to cool down before you swing your board again. This indoor skatepark allows only 15 skaters at a time so book your slot early.

Sk85ive2 Skatepark, 7/F, E Hang Seng Industrial Building, 185 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong +852 2344 3982

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Morrison Hill Road Playground

Morrison Hill Road Playground is a beginner-friendly skatepark in Wan Chai and also the city's longest-standing skatepark. It initially didn't start out as a skatepark but instead as a cycling and rollerskating track.

Though those looking for more challenging facilities can skip this one because it's mainly flat ground for practising and developing your skills. There are small ramps that serve as speed bumps as well as rails, making it an ideal training ground for newbies.

Morrison Hill Road Playground, Sung Tak Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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Chai Wan Poolside Garden

Those on the East side of Hong Kong can head over to Chai Wan Poolside Garden. The 2,000-feet skatepark is complete with ramps, a mini-half pipe, fun boxes and rails which is great for polishing your skills. There's also a flat space where you can learn new tricks or master one. It's also open from 7 am to 10 pm, allowing you a full day's worth of practice.

Chai Wan Poolside Garden, Sun Ha Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

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