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Can’t get enough of Kim Seon-Ho in Hometown Cha Cha Cha ? Here are a few fun facts about the actor

Time and time again, Kim Seon-ho has proven that despite being a relative newbie onscreen, he doesn’t take any role for granted. Two of his most memorable characters were the talk of the town. In the 2020 K-drama Start-Up, he played Han Ji-pyeong, a street-smart team leader for SH Venture Capital and in the 2021 drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha, he breathes life to chief Hong Du-sik (Hong Banjang).

Han Ji-pyeong and Hong Du-sik have different qualities, but Kim Seon-ho portrays both with great dramatic nuance and charisma. For those who want to get to know the actor a little better, we list some of the most interesting facts:

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1. His first variety show is 2 Days & 1 Night

The adorable side of Seon-ho can be witnessed in the hit variety show 2 Days & 1 Night where six cheerful guys travel over different spots in South Korea to enjoy the country’s treasured attractions while playing fun games. In the episode posted above, the beloved actor opened up about his fears and self-doubts; for many of his fans, it was an indication of his humbleness. 

In the show, he is joined by actor Youn Jung-hoon, singer Kim Jong-min, comedian Moon Se-yoon, and rappers DinDin and Ravi (VIXX). Together, the six members get into random shenanigans as they all compete for meals throughout the day and the precious award of sleeping indoors. 

2. He's a renowned theatre actor

While Seon-ho only became a television actor in 2017, he already made his debut on stage as a theatre actor in 2009. He received accolades for his roles in plays like the New Boeing BoeingRooftop Cat, Sherlock, and Kiss of the Spider Woman.

“My stage acting experience is, no doubt, the most precious time to me, and it was a much-needed process for me,” the actor said in an interview

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3. He had a traumatic burglar experience

In his 2019 interview with Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Seon-ho disclosed a traumatic experience he had when he was younger. According to the actor, his family was robbed in their own home. His mother was stabbed with a knife whilst he hid under the bed.

Because of this, Seon-ho feels uncomfortable whenever someone stood behind him. He also has trouble breathing and blending in with a lot of people. “It is quite a heavy subject, but there was a huge thing I went through when I was younger... because of the trauma I had from that incident, I would feel uneasy whenever someone stood behind me, and I would have trouble breathing whenever I go to a crowded place with many people,” he said.

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4. He was 32 when he made his TV drama debut

Despite being an experienced theatre actor, Seon-ho’s TV debut came a bit late. In 2017, at the age of 32, the actor passed his first audition for the K-drama Good Manager (also known as Chief Kim), making it his first TV show. 

5. His first flight out of Korea was to the Philippines

Seon-ho conquered his fear of riding planes when he was 32. He boarded a flight for a three-day vacation in Cebu to celebrate the success of Good Manager.

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6. He’s a Taurus

If you’re into astrology, you’d know that a Taurus man is the ultimate boy next door package. People who have this zodiac sign are typically humble, introverted, and realistic with their goals. These are also qualities that some fans find adorable in Seon-ho. 

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7. He has a Broadcasting and Entertainment college degree

Seon-ho received a degree from the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, a prestigious school in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. 


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