Cover from PETA's "Charot!" Production, Staged 2019.

Let your children explore their creative side this summer with invigorating classes from one of the country's most respected theatre companies

The Philippine Educational Theatre Association (PETA) takes its annual summer program into the virtual world once again, making its unique theatre workshops more accessible amid the ongoing pandemic. Through its online platform, PETA will be offering four courses available for kids and teens.

For kids ages 7 to 12 who want to focus on channeling their confidence through theatre, PETA's Children's Theatre course will suit them well. Each activity will help build each child's confidence by immersing them in rhythmic movements, dance, singing, games, painting, and puppetry. The Acting for Teens course, available for ages 13 to 17, teaches the fundamentals of acting. Participants can expect to discover the art of channeling emotions and using body language to create a sincere and engaging performance.

The Musical Theatre course will also be available for teens. Activities will highlight the connections between body, music, and storytelling, and will help each participant improve upon their musicality by interpreting pieces effectively. Lastly, PETA is also offering Writing for Performance course for teens who are young, aspiring writers, who would want to have an introductory workshop on writing performative pieces. More than lessons on the rudiments of writing, participants will be engaged in writing exercises that will help free them of creative blocks as well as empower them as young writers.

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PETA is hosting a giveaway of two (2) slots to two eligible participants. Now anyone ages 7-17 years old can get a chance to join this year’s summer program completely free of charge! Interested parents/individuals can join via PETA’s Instagram page @petaworkshops.

To enrol directly, go to or contact Betita at 0929-891-9538 or Registration opens on April 4 on a “first come, first served” basis.