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Birthday celebrations are always a good reason for South Korean celebrities to get creative. Check out how these idols celebrate their birthdays with fans

It is always a momentous occasion when South Korean pop idols celebrate their birthdays. While some fans rush to wish their favourite singers on social media, others splurge thousands of dollars on billboard advertisements just for the occasion. 

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Over the years, K-pop idols have gotten even more creative (and sentimental) when celebrating their birthdays. From BTS’s V to IU, here are how some of them have marked the special occasion.

1. BTS’s V: Sang an Adele cover

The BTS vocalist has always delighted fans with his talent and good looks. Fans swooned back in 2014 when he released a cover of Adele’s Someone Like You to mark his 19th birthday. Instead of receiving gifts, the tables turned around as V gifted his song cover to fans.

His deep, nasally vocals were a fresh take on the British singer’s 2011 hit. Aside from sharing a good rendition of the English song, he also personally produced the track and filmed a music video as an icing on the cake. 

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2. BTS’s Suga: Wrote letters to fans

While the rapper of BTS appears cold and aloof as compared to the more extroverted members of his group, he also has a softer and emotional side to him.

Suga showered his fans with affection back in 2015 when he personally wrote handwritten notes on letters, polaroid photos, and Korean transportation cards. For the ordeal, he enlisted fellow BTS Jimin’s help to buy several transportation cards and refill them in the meantime. V also helped pack the letters and seal them in envelopes. 

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3. Exo’s Baekhyun: Threw a birthday party via livestream

Exo member Baekhyun livestreamed an early birthday event in 2021 due to the raging Covid-19 pandemic. Fans were able to celebrate their favourite idol’s birthday with him on May 1, five days shy of his actual birthday. 

Titled B-Day: Baekhyun Day, the singer held this celebration before he was due to enlist in the military. In the livestream, he played mini-games, talked about music, and also held a Q&A session with fans.

4. IU: Donated to charity

The Lilac singer donated US$160,000 to charities in celebration of her 29th birthday this year. Her agency, Edam, said: “IU donated a total of 210 million won to the Snail of Love (a non-profit organization for the hearing-impaired), Korea Unwed Mothers Families Association, Eden I Ville (foster care facility) and Changinwon (social welfare foundation).”

IU donated under the pseudonym “IUaena,” a combination of her stage name “IU” and fan club “Uaena”. She has been continuing her own tradition of making charitable donations for 14 years. This time, she will be aiding in the surgeries for hearing-impaired children and teens, economically struggling single parents and foster care and disabled care facilities.   

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5. NCT 127’s Jaehyun: Held a Livestream Session

Jaehyun, the main vocalist, lead dancer, and sub rapper of NCT 127 knows exactly how to include fans in his birthday celebrations. He took to popular South Korean streaming service V Live as he celebrated his birthday on February 14.

Sporting a light brown corduroy jumpsuit, he chatted with fans in front of a decorated background stuck with birthday signs and well wishes. 

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