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Want a sneak peek into the lives of not one but 10 millionaires living in Dubai? We introduce them below

Skyscrapers, supercars, mega shopping malls and more—Dubai is truly a playground for the rich and famous, and also the perfect choice when it comes to a backdrop for a reality show on the uber-wealthy. 

Dubai Bling, which was just released on Netflix on October 27, is the streaming platform’s latest in a slew of reality shows focused on wealthy Asians (think Bling Empire and Bling Empire: New York).

Focusing on 10 self-made millionaires in Dubai, the show takes you behind the scenes and straight into the glamorous lives of these fabulous Dubai residents. 

As we prepare to binge-watch the entire season (because, why not?), we introduce you to the cast members below.

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1. Farhana Bodi

Born in India and raised in South Africa, Farhana Bodi has been based in Dubai since 2008.

Farhana’s fashion journey began when she was just 19. She was a makeup artist and model for a period of time before launching her own lifestyle blog, I Woman of the World. Her blog, which reportedly blew up very quickly, has scored her invites to high-profile events such as Cannes Film Festival, London Fashion Week, and more.

Farhana is also the mother of her six-year-old son, Ayudin, whom she shares with her ex-partner, Heroies Havewalla, an entrepreneur and product developer of the cryptocurrency, Goldpesa.

2. Kris Fade

Kris Fade is an Australian-Lebanese television host, presenter, brand ambassador, musician and entrepreneur. He moved to Dubai from Australia in 2008 and launched the first Virgin Radio station in the Middle East.

Since then, his breakfast radio show, The Kris Fade Show, has become one of the most listened-to morning shows in the region. 

Aside from his radio work, Kris also started his own snack brand, Fade Fit, to provide healthier snacks and vitamins for people of all ages. 

3. Brianna Ramirez

Brianna Ramirez (or Brianna Fade, as she is now known) is the spouse of Kris Fade. She currently owns the Fade Fit brand with her husband and is also the brand manager. In her capacity, she has led multiple brand activations and helped the company earn global recognition.

The couple are parents to two children.

4. Marwan Al-Awadhi

Marwan Al-Awadhi, or DJ bliss as he is known on stage, is an Emirati disc jockey, emcee, TV presenter and radio personality who works in Dubai.

He is actively involved in the nightclub scene in Dubai and began to explore music production sometime after his career began to take off. He is well-known for co-producing Wyclef Jean and releasing his own single and compilation album titled The Projects

His success has also led to him being one of the first Emirati DJs to embark on a world tour.

5. Danya Mohammed

Danya Mohammed, or Diva Dee as she is more commonly known, is a well-known vlogger who is married to Marwan. With 118,000 subscribers, Danya enjoys taking her followers along as she goes about her daily activities such as going for beauty treatments or planning her travel adventures. 

Danya and her husband have two children. 

6. Ebraheem Al Samadi

As an entrepreneur and the chief executive of Forever Roses, a company that produces preserved roses, Ebraheem Al Samadi is arguably one of the most successful members of the Netflix show. 

The Kuwaiti-American launched his first business selling thrift shop clothing and items on eBay when he was just 14 years old. This business eventually earned him one of eBay’s prestigious 1000 Power Sellers awards.

Ebraheem moved to Dubai in 2010 and is now the chief executive of the Al Samadi Group, which manages a select number of retail and hospitality businesses.

7. Zeina Khoury

Here is one person you should keep your eye on. With multi-million dollar listings at her agency, Zeina Khoury is a realtor who is already making massive waves in the industry. 

Although she graduated from university with a degree in banking and finance, her true calling lies in real estate. But she initially found it difficult to break into the industry because of her lack of experience.

Deeply passionate about the real estate world, she decided to apply for a job at a company developing a five-star hotel named Palazzo Versace Dubai. Her salary was unstable but her skills helped her quickly climb the ladder.

In 2012, Zenia took on the role of chief executive at High Mark Real Estate Brokers, where she now manages a portfolio of high-end properties for Palazzo Versace Dubai, D1 Tower and other luxury properties around the country.

8. Lojain Omran

Saudi Arabian TV host and social media personality Lojain Omran is a force to behold. The star was born in Jubail, Eastern Province and got her start in banking before moving on to television. 

She has been on shows such as Good Morning Arabs!, The Situation with Lojain, Ya Hala, Around the Gulf and World of Eve.

The TV personality boasts 10.2 million followers on Instagram, on which she shares snaps of her sartorial choices, travels, and more.

9. Safa Siddiqui

Safa Siddiqui was born and raised in London and now lives in Dubai. As a fashion-obsessed housewife, Safa is well known for her flashy and glamorous lifestyle as well as owning a vast wardrobe filled with designer bags, clothes and accessories.

The star is also married to her husband, Fahad, and hopes to launch her own fashion collection eventually.

10. Loujain Adadah

Hailing from Lebanon, Loujain Adadah is a model and former MTV presenter who recently moved to Dubai with her two children. 

While little is still known about her as a newbie to the scene, we do know that she is a frequent traveller and has been spotted in cities such as Bodrum, Beirut and Paris. We'll keep our eyes peeled for more on her. 

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