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When a certain palaeontologist and fashion maven got together, it was a match made in TV heaven… up until they went on a break.

Ross and Rachel's rollercoaster romance in the hit TV show Friends has captured the world's attention. More so when the actors Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer recently revealed the secret to their amazing on-screen chemistry was their admiration for each other in real life in the Friends: The Reunion special. Thanks to the pair's natural chemistry and the creators of the show, we've had some of the best couple moments in television history.

Here are some of our favourites:

1. First Kiss

Ross and Rachel's first kiss was an unexpected moment that must have sent Roschel fans on the edge of their seats during this iconic scene in the second season of Friends

The pair had been repressing their feelings for each other as they were seeing different people at different times. Finally, the two release the pent-up tension between them when Ross decided to return to Central Perk after they had just argued. 

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2. "She’s his lobster"

In Season 2, episode 14, Phoebe shared with her friends how lobsters would fall in love and mate for life. Although this fact was proven false, it didn't make the moment between Ross and Rachel any less romantic.

While watching old video footage, the gang learned of Ross' true feelings for Rachel during their high school prom night. An embarrassed Ross stood by the door as Rachel slowly approached him to kiss him, knowing that they finally had a shot at romance.

3. "We were ON A BREAK"

Rachel found out that Ross hooked up with another woman while they were broken up. Sure, it caused a ripple in their relationship and broke apart fans, debating if Ross really was in the wrong.

Just so you know, Jennifer Aniston is on Ross' side.

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4. Pros & Cons

Ross was having a hard time choosing between the love of his life Rachel and his new girlfriend Julie. Chandler's advice? Write a pros and cons list. Little did Ross know that the result he'd later arrive at would come with a price.

5. 18-page letter

Hand-written letters are romantic. Ross also thinks so, but it can be a bit hard to digest when your lover had just written you an 18-page (front and back) letter. After falling asleep and failing to finish the letter, he lies at having read the whole thing and is left to deal with Rachel's vague question, "Does it?"

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6. They welcome Emma

After a very intense two-part episode in season eight, Ross and Rachel finally welcome their first daughter, Emma. However, the two are in a complicated relationship at the moment. Adding to the stress is Janice who visits Rachel.

7. "I got off the plane"

After everything the two have been through, they finally decide to get back together for real, this time. After failing to stop Rachel from leaving for Paris, Ross returns home in defeat. But things turn around when Rachel shows up on his door and says that iconic line that's sent Roschel fans on their feet.

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