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Relive some of your favourite iconic couples on television through the years!

We can all agree that at some point in our lives, we've binge-watched TV series not only for its compelling storyline and characters we deeply empathise with but also for the undeniable chemistry between each cast member—especially the lead couple. These shows are written so well that we eventually find ourselves talking to the screen, hoping our favourite character would just confess to their love interest.

Thankfully, these TV show couples listened to their hearts—or the TV Gods—to finally give it a go. And now, we're blessed with some of the most iconic on-screen relationships that we just can't stop rooting for. Beware of spoilers!

1. Jake and Amy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Given that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy TV show, Jake and Amy have one of the funniest on-screen relationships ever. And even if you take away the jokes and laughs, Jake and Amy still portray a wholesome relationship that would leave most of us swooning.

2. Monica and Chandler, Friends

Chandler and Monica started out as friends before they became the iconic couple we love today. Although they got off on the wrong foot on their first meeting, the pair still ended up together. What followed was years of a healthy relationship that both worked on willingly. We can't forget Chandler's sweet speeches, too.

3. Andy and April, Parks and Recreation

Age doesn't matter—this is what Andy and April finally realised after trying to make their budding romance work. It started out as a crush. And when Andy began to feel that he felt for April, too, they finally give it a chance. But if you think April's confession in the hospital is not enough to show that the two loved each other, then watch what happens in a month!

4. Jack and Kate, Lost

Put a couple in jeopardy and you'll see how they really feel about each other. We know Jack stood as the group's leader on the island after the crash, and he's genuinely concerned about everyone. But you can't deny that he feels differently about Kate. And even despite the flaws and all the times they were forced apart, you'll feel Jack and Kate's romantic chemistry on-screen.

5. Meredith and Derek, Grey's Anatomy

We have to appreciate Meredith's courage and honesty when she walked up to Derek and said, "Pick me." These two are meant to be each other, even if they try their best to conceal their feelings and despite that rocky first few seasons.

6. Chloe and Lucifer, Lucifer

Falling for the actual Devil isn't a walk in the park. Which is why people seem to be so invested in Chloe and Lucifer's relationship on-screen. While the romantic plot seems predictable, the characters react differently. So while we're rooting for Chloe and Lucifer, we also can't help but empathise with a dismayed Chloe after learning that she was made for the devil. There will be consequences and questions raised—and this draws us even closer to the show.

7. Bernadette and Howard, Big Bang Theory

Howard and Bernadette shared a few memorable and sweet moments in The Big Bang Theory that we can't stop rewatching. One of them is when Howard wrote and sang a song for Bernadette. She contracted a racoon virus and was in an isolation ward, so Howard thought it would be nice to perform the song with their friends playing instruments and singing along.

8. Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett, Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice is an old tale most of us are familiar with. Yet it's a tale we love to read and watch on the screen. BBC's TV show adaptation of the story gives us a chance to witness the tension and chemistry between the two!

9. Sookie and Bill, True Blood

True Blood gave us a TV show that handled the mystery and link between vampires and romance, especially in the first two seasons. Now, in some TV shows, there are lead couples that have evident chemistry on-screen and off-screen—and True Blood has exactly that. Turns out Sookie and Bill are truly fond of each other in real life! So despite Sookie and Bill not ending up together, we can always remind ourselves that the actors that played these characters are married in real life. 

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