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Here are 13 of the funniest and most memorable scenes from Friends that we still can't get over

One can agree that Friends has some of the most iconic scenes that the world has seen on television. Though the writers of the sitcom decided to wrap the story in a good light after 10 seasons, people are still watching the show—which first aired in 1994—Probably because the show has some of the funniest and most memorable moments in TV history.

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Here are our favourite moments that we still can't get over:

1. The one where Ross is the father

In the episode "The One with the Red Sweater", Monica and Phoebe are at their wits' end figuring out the father of Rachel's baby with the red sweater as their only clue. At the end of the episode, before Ross leaves the room, he sees the sweater and says that he had been looking for it for the past month. This leaves Monica, Phoebe and Joey in shock as he leaves the room.

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2. The one where Chandler and Monica first got together

On the day of Ross' wedding, Ross barges into Chandler and Joey's room announcing his excitement. Right after he exits, Monica sits up, revealing that she and Chandler finally got together for the first time. The writers of the sitcom revealed in Friends: The Reunion how the audience went mad during this unexpected scene, making it one of the loudest crowd reactions they had on the show.

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3. The one where Phoebe catches Chandler and Monica

Chandler and Monica kept their relationship on the low, afraid of what their friends might think—let alone how Ross, Monica's brother, might react—until season 5, episode 14. So when Phoebe and Rachel visited Ross' flat adjacent to theirs, Phoebe caught Chandler and Monica taking each other's clothes off. What followed was Phoebe shouting the couple's names several times, an iconic scene that will never not be funny.

4. The one where Ross said the wrong name

Ross may have been in love with Emily, but it's pretty obvious that there's just something special between him and Rachel. We even see that Ross is still very much in love with Rachel when he said her name during the exchange of vows at his own wedding. Just goes to show that Rachel is Ross' lobster.

5. The one where Monica proposed to Chandler

In the two-part episode titled "The One with the Proposal", the couple's love is tested right before the proposal which only shows why Chandler and Monica are a great fit. But instead of seeing Chandler kneel on one knee, Monica tries to pop the question in tears. What follows is an adorable exchange between the couple that will go down in history as one of the best TV proposals ever. It's one of the episodes that show how Friends is quite a progressive show.

6. The one where Joey wore all of Chandler's clothes

What started as a petty argument between best friends Chandler and Joey ended up being a hilarious feud that only lasted for one episode in season 3. In episode 2, the episode where all friends are seen in the same room, Chandler and Joey fight over a chair. Soon, the fight escalates and Joey thinks wearing Chandler's clothes—while in commando—would irk his friend. He was successful when he began doing lunges.

7. The one where Ross kept saying, "Pivot!"

In season 5, episode 16, Chandler and Rachel help Ross bring a new couch to his flat without hiring a professional mover. Ross takes the lead and shouts, "Pivot!" several times before Chandler responds with a "Shut up!" It was truly one of the funniest moments in the show that even made the cast pause for a short while for laughing too hard.

8. The one where Joey and Ross were nap partners

Joey and Ross accidentally took a nap together, all cuddled up...and they liked it. Despite feeling overly embarrassed and swearing never to tell anyone about the experience, they end up napping together again. 

9. The one where Phoebe sings her hit song "Smelly Cat"

You can admit that you cannot help but sing along when Phoebe sings her iconic song Smelly Cat. It's a hilarious song about—you guessed it—a smelly cat that was inspired by the lullaby her father once sang to her as a child.

10. The one where Joey had his eyebrows done

In season 9, episode 13, Joey gets a little makeover. When his friends admitted that there's nothing wrong with a guy who pampers himself, Joey finally gets his eyebrows done. Unfortunately, it did not turn out great, leaving him with botched brows.

11. The one where Rachel kisses Ross after watching the prom video

Although fans always had a hunch that the two would end up together, none of them was prepared for Ross and Rachel's first kiss. But there's another scene in season 2, episode 14 that we can't help but swoon over. The friends are watching Rachel's old prom video when they see Rachel run off with a different date after Ross had dressed up to ask her out. When the video ended, Rachel stands up to approach Ross to finally kiss him.

12. The one where Phoebe runs oddly

We all love how quirky Phoebe is, regardless of the fact that she runs oddly. Rachel, however, doesn't like it all that much and struggles to tell Phoebe that she would rather jog alone to spare her the embarrassment. 

13. When Monica wore the turkey and said, "I love you"

This thanksgiving episode is pretty special. Partly because seeing Monica having turkey for a head is something you can't brush off your mind, and also because it was the first time we hear her say, "I love you" to Chandler.

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