Cover The Big Waste, an art installation by Dhan Illiani (Photo: Fashion Revolution Malaysia)

The world’s largest global fashion activism movement debuts in Malaysia with a week of eye-opening events, from clothes swaps to T-shirt weaving workshops and a textile waste installation

Happening from April 19-24, 2022, Fashion Revolution Week invites Malaysians to question their relationship with fashion. Focussing on sustainability in fashion, this week-long initiative helps visitors to take action beyond awareness by learning practical skills and ways to extend the life of their fashion items and reduce textile waste. It also addresses relevant sustainability issues like overconsumption, greenwashing and exploitation through a series of clothes mending sessions titled ‘Stitch ‘n Bitch'. 

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Ultimately, Fashion Revolution Week in Malaysia seeks to bring the local sustainable fashion community together while inviting others to join a globally-renowned annual movement that campaigns for a fairer and cleaner fashion industry in over 90 countries.

“People have this misconception that sustainable fashion is only for privileged people or for environmentalists. But we want to showcase a shining example of how this movement can be done here in Malaysia and invite others to do the same,” says sustainability advocate Melissa Tan, who is also Fashion Revolution Malaysia country coordinator and ambassador for Malaysia.

“Awareness is an important first step but we want to activate people to question and change their relationship with fashion with the tools to take action."

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So what should we expect at Fashion Revolution Week at REXKL? For honest conversations about fashion and sustainability, look out for the free entry ‘Stitch ‘N Bitch’ sessions moderated by Melissa Tan and Joanne Nathaniel of FASHINFIDELITY on April 23, and by Seri Mizani and Youths United for Earth’s Fitri Baderulnizam on April 24.

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On April 23, The Swap Project’s Clothes Swap will take place from 1pm-4.30pm, followed by a capsule styling session with Nadia Rose for hacks on how to make the most of your clothing by restyling different looks with the same pieces.

Artist Nini Marini will also be hosting a session on weaving unwanted T-shirts on April 24 from 11am-1pm. There will also be a natural dyes workshop by Malaysian social enterprise Bohomys from 12pm to 2pm and a denim upcycling workshop from 3pm-6pm, where participants will learn how to turn old jeans into stylish tote bags.  

Guests will be able to enjoy a fun pop-up thrift store from 4pm-8pm on both April 23 and 24.

A highlight of Fashion Revolution Week is The Big Waste art installation by multidisciplinary artist Dhan Illiani, built with more than 800kg of textile waste collected from social enterprise Kloth Cares.

A commentary on the fashion industry’s waste crisis, The Big Waste invites viewers to connect back to the stories behind their clothing and share their fashion ‘love stories’ to the hashtag #LovedClothesLast.

To view and register for the various workshops happening at REXKL for Fashion Revolution Week, click here.  

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