Cover Photo: @heymelissatan/Instagram

A beginner's guide to becoming a sustainable style icon

Since appearing on cycle 3 of Asia's Next Top Model, Melissa Tan has made a name for herself as TV host, producer, actress and a prominent advocate for sustainability and climate protection. In the last few years, she has co-founded The Green Guerrilla, a social movement to encourage eco-friendly lifestyles, and was recently appointed Malaysia's ambassador for the Earth Day Network, an organisation with a mission to mobilise the environmental movement worldwide. 

To top it off, she does it all in style—sustainable style, of course!

With April being the month of International Fashion Revolution Week and Earth Day (which falls on April 22), Tan, in her own words, shares a couple of tips on how to make the right fashion choices in every situation, from styling to shopping. 

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'Shop' in Your Own Wardrobe

Wearing what you already own is the most sustainable choice you can make. Chances are we already own enough to meet our needs and it can be a great way to rediscover forgotten treasures and exercise your creativity with a little bit of restyling.

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Don't Fall for Greenwashing

In a world where sustainability is fast gaining traction, fashion labels are looking to encourage even more consumption by lining up their image with this new 'trend'. So it is important to ask the right questions. What is the impact of other elements apart from the 'green' trait a brand is promoting? Have they backed up their claims with reliable certifications?

Self-Reflection is Key

Before buying an item, ask yourself: Do I truly need this product? Can I borrow it, get it secondhand, or seek a more responsible alternative?

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