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STPI presents Second movement, a homage to the enduring creative spirit of its experimental projects with critically acclaimed artists

Singapore’s pre-eminent gallery and print and paper making workshop, STPI, helms one of the region’s most robust artist residency programmes. Bringing together artists from all over the world to its workshops, works are created with inspiration from Singapore, for some, and through exploring various mediums, mainly paper. For the gallery’s annual special exhibition, 41 works by 21 artists from past residencies and creative collaborations from their Visiting Artists Programme will be showcased.  

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Curated by Khai Hori, art curator and partner of Chan + Hori Contemporary, Second Movement utilises print to to reevaluate our perceptions of the human body – a thumb print. The Annual Special Exhibition will run from July 11 to July 24, giving audiences in Southeast Asia and Singapore the opportunity to interact with remarkable works on paper by the some of the region’s most respected artists. Supported with a diverse array of guided tours, creative workshops, panel discussions, and film screenings, the exhibition is a must-visit this June.

With artworks created from different mediums under different artistic visions, here are five artists to catch in the exhibition:

Han Sai Por

One of the pioneers of contemporary art in Singapore, Han has become one of Asia’s leading modern sculptors and received the prestigious Cultural Medallion Award in 1995. 

Exchanging her signature stone and marble mediums, she configured paper into three-dimensional works of art that are reminiscent of flora and fauna. This piece features a sculpted coloured abacca paper pulp with powder pigment and shaped cotton paper. 

Haegue Yang

Above Video: STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery

Berlin-based sculptor and installation artist Haegue Yang stages multi-sensory environments with light, scent, and mundane objects with organic and industrially manufactured materials. Her work has been included in the Biennale de Lyon (2015), Gwangju Biennale (2010), and Guangzhou Triennial (2008). 

During her residency with STPI, Yang explored print by incorporating local spices and vegetables in her techniques, evoking the senses of smell, light, sight, and touch. The physical and sensorial characteristics of these everyday materials are heightened and audiences are introduced to visual art through hidden narratives. 

Ryan Gander

British artist Ryan Gander has produced bodies of works in different forms, including sculpture, apparel, publications, and performance. His pieces are usually composed around puzzles and unusually assembled objects. 

With STPI, he encountered the different possibilities and processes of printmaking with an inquisitive and experimental mindset. Gander is currently based in London and Suffolk. 

Teppei Kaneuji

Blending familiarity with the unexpected, Japanese artist Teppei Kaneuji delivers the complexity and plurality of objects in a tasteful and refreshing manner. Kaneuji created works inspired by the the Singaporean landscape which reflected the flavours of the city. 

Two and three-dimensional works were constructed during Kaneuji’s time with STPI. He created works of various colours, shapes, and forms through his exploration of print methods. The artwork above features screen print on acrylic sheets placed on acrylic boxes. 

Zul Mahmod

Above Video: STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery

A trailblazer at the forefront of a generation of sound-media artists in Singapore, he represented the nation at the Ogaki Biennale in 2006 and was Singapore's first sound artist at the Singapore Pavilion of the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007. 

Often integrating three-dimensional forms with ’sound constructions’ and ’sound scapes', he crosses genres and collaborates with other artists. His work above consists of screen printed, engraved and laser cut acrylic sheets with sound and sculptural wire elements. 


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