The Director at Singapore Tyler Print Institute talks about the artworks in her personal collection and reveals the best places to shop for art. 

Emi Eu, the Director at Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI), is currently busy with Singaporean artist Suzann Victor’s solo exhibition, which runs at STPI until February 21, 2015

When it comes to buying art, what is your game plan? 

When I get to this point, I would already have an idea of which artist’s work I would like to get and would have already done some research.

Where are the best places to shop for art? 

I only buy artworks by artists I am familiar with. This means I would have been to many of their exhibitions or I have been following their activities. I find art fairs a good place to start looking at what is available to purchase in the market. They are also good places for doing research in person and also for seeing the physical works. 

What's the biggest mistake people make when it comes to buying art? 

Buying art purely for investment purpose.

What is your advice for someone buying art online? 

Make sure you are familiar with the work and that you have previously seen it in person, or at least seen other works by the same artist. This way you will have a clearer idea of what it will look like when the work is delivered. Of course, you must always ensure that it is being acquired from a reputable source. 

List some of the artworks in your personal collection.

I collect Asian and Western art, and have two Singaporean artists in my collection: Heman Chong and Ming Wong.

What really interests me is conceptual art, where the art-making process itself is the focus – what drove the artist to create the painting, sculpture, multiples, prints or anything from books to films. I find the idea itself and the foundation of the artists’ practices very appealing, and I am also drawn to artworks that come about as a result of an intervention with a particular environment, creating certain or different situations. 

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