Cover STPI often sets the stage for inspiring exhibitions, such as Herman Chong's Peace Prosperity And Friendship With All Nations showcase that was held earlier this year (Image: Courtesy of STPI)

Singapore’s thriving art scene is well-recognised across the region. We highlight some of the notable local art galleries that are championing and representing homegrown talents in the arts scene

Singapore boasts a vibrant and dynamic arts scene that features a diverse array of artists and groups. The variety of genres and mediums—ranging from anywhere between contemporary art to landscape paintings—reflect our country’s cultural melting pot.

In light of National Day, we’ve gathered some art galleries on our island that are home to artworks and exhibitions by local artists. Art aficionados and curious enthusiasts alike will definitely delight in these diverse showcases.

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1. Ode to Art

Known for their diverse collections of paintings, sculptures, photography, and installation art, Ode to Art represents some of the most renowned names in both the local and international art scene.

In April 2021, the gallery launched The Art Passage by Ode to Art; the contemporary art space is located at level three of Raffles City Shopping Centre and serves as an accessible art experience that bridges the gap between art and viewers by displaying artworks in a casual yet intimate setting.

Exhibition to watch: Gotong Royong by Lim Tze Peng  
Often hailed as a living legend and known as one of Singapore’s most distinguished pioneering artists, Lim Tze Peng will be holding an audio-guided art tour at The Art Passage by Ode to Art. The exhibition will feature more than 20 exclusive works where viewers will get a glimpse of the centenarian’s art evolution and his love for Singapore.

When: 3 August to 30 September 2021

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2. Yeo Workshop

Established in 2013, Yeo Workshop features contemporary art pieces by both local and international artists. Based in Gillman Barracks, the leading art gallery consistently curates a series of innovative art exhibitions as well as gallery-based programmes, talks, symposiums, and guiding research. The gallery’s extensive programmes aim to explore the connection of artistic ideas on a local, regional, and international level. 

Exhibition to watch: Only losers left alive (love songs for the end of the world) - part 2  
Following the July run of part one of the only losers left alive (love songs for the end of the world) exhibition, the conclusion of the two-part exhibition is set to kick off in August.

Curated by independent curator and critic Louis Ho, the group exhibition will feature a diverse roster of local and locally-based creators such as artist Geraldine Lim and visual artist Sarah Isabelle Tan. The showcase takes visual and conceptual cues from the cinema; visually, it’ll also differ from its first monochromatic run by featuring a bright and colourful palette.

When: 7 to 29 August 2021

3. Yavuz Gallery Singapore

Located in the Gillman Barracks art precinct, Yavuz Gallery showcases the stunning contemporary work of both emerging and established Asia-Pacific artists. The gallery, established in 2010, often curates its programmes based on the social significance of the artworks it houses. In September 2019, Yavuz Gallery opened its second branch in Sydney, Australia.

Exhibition to watch: Before the Birth of Eden by Joanne Pang
A solo exhibition by local artist Joanne Pang, Before the Birth of Eden marks the inauguration of Pang’s representation with the gallery. The exhibition will feature new paintings and sculptural works that convey a sense of the mother-to-be’s current thoughts on the creation of memory and life.

When: 6 August to 5 September 2021

4. Cape of Good Hope

Representing Singaporean art since 1989, the Cape of Good Hope art gallery is known for its extensive and dynamic artwork portfolio that engages local talents. Located in the Bras Basah Complex, the gallery often holds regular exhibitions, art fairs, and forums both locally and internationally. It also expertly provides art consultancy services and commissioned artworks on demand.

Artists to know: Forged assiduously throughout its years, the gallery has a strong relationship with numerous notable second-generation Singapore artists. This includes veteran Singaporean artist Ang Ah Tee, reputable for his acrylic, watercolour, and oil paintings; Chua Ek Kay, a master of Chinese art that ranges from traditional paintings to calligraphy; and Eng Siak Loy, the famous artist behind Singapore’s currency notes and several stamps.

5. Richard Koh Fine Art

Since its formation in 2005, the collection of artworks, exhibitions, gallery collaborations, as well as print and digital publications by Richard Koh Fine Art speak of the gallery’s commitment and expertise in presenting Southeast Asian contemporary art on regional and international platforms. The art gallery often highlights nascent talents by offering them a stage to flourish. 

Exhibition to watch: Deeply Softly Gently Tenderly by Mengju Lin
The first solo exhibition of emerging Singaporean artist Mengju Lin, Deeply Softly Gently Tenderly will showcase a body of paintings that invites one to take a second look within their meanings. The artworks are layered with colours, glazes, and paint that present an interesting mix of visual and verbal cues.

When: 23 July to 14 August 2021


A not-for-profit organisation that is both a dynamic creative workshop space and a contemporary art gallery, STPI has established itself as a reputable destination in Asia for contemporary art. Through extensive collaborations, artworks, exhibitions, and public programmes, STPI promotes an inspiring dialogue of cultural art amongst both international and local art communities.

Artists to know: Besides acclaimed artists the likes of Takashi Murakami and Atul Dodiya, the roster of local artists at STPI includes accomplished art practitioner Amanda Heng whose work spans across various art fields; painter Genevieve Chua, known for her abstract multifold works; and skilled ceramist Jason Lim, whose work takes on a mesmerising sculptural quality.

7. Living with Art and Gallery 1819

Founded in 2003, Living with Art hosts an extensive collection of works by a wide array of artists around the world. Owner and principal consultant Zak Lo believes in bringing together a variety of art selections, whether created by emerging artists and recognised names, so as to not limit the platform for young artists to showcase their works. In 2020, he launched Gallery 1819, an elevated fine art wing that focuses on Southeast Asian artworks from artists across the region.  

Artists to know: The gallery represents some of the most prominent artists in Singapore. This includes Thomas Yeo, a prominent second-generation Singapore artist that’s known for his stunning abstract landscape paintings that showcase his flair with colour and textures. Other local names that the gallery represents include watercolour artist Aaron Gan and acrylic painter William Lee. 

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