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From debut novels to powerful stories of self-discovery, kick off 2022 with these new books coming out this month

New year, new books. This January 2022 is an exciting month to check out the stunning debut novels of many promising writers. Their books explore gender, race, identity, friendship, family and love—experiences that will speak to us in some way or form.

In addition to checking out new events, new movies in cinemas and new shows on Netflix, you should definitely add these books to your to-read list this month and beyond.

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Fiona and Jane by Jean Chen Ho

Jean Chen Ho’s debut novel revolves around the lives of two young Taiwanese American women, Fiona Lin and Jane Jen who have been best friends since forever. The two promise to stay together but with promises, they rarely kept.

Fiona leaves for New York while Jane remains in California. The two friends are apart, plagued by betrayals and we follow as they navigate their friendship, sexuality and identity.

Release: January 4

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Olga Dies Dreaming by Xóchitl González

A debut novel by Xóchitl González, Olga Dies Dreaming tells the story of Olga, a staus-driven wedding planner, determined to climb the social ladder. In addition to dealing with an absent mother who comes barreling back into her life, she must also navigate life in the aftermath of the devasting Hurricane Maria.

Release: January 4

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The School for Good Mothers by Jessamine Chan

Another explosive debut novel, The School for Good Mothers by Jessamine Chan explores the perils of perfect upper-middle-class parenting. If you fail the standards, the state’s eye will be on you and that’s precisely what happens to Frida.

The state needs to determine if she’s a possible candidate for a Big Brother-like institution that measures the success or failure of her devotion as a mother.

Release: January 4

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Brown Girls by Daphne Palasi Andreades

Daphne Palasi Andreades’ debut novel follows a group of friends and their immigrant families from Queens in New York—Nadira, Gabby, Naz, Trish, Angelique and many others. The blazing novel illustrates their childhood, motherhood and mother while exploring race, class and marginalisation.

Release: January 4

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To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara

Hanya Yanagihara returns with a stunning new book, To Paradise which spans three centuries and three different versions of America. Firstly, an alternate version of 1893 American where a young scion resists her betrothal to a worthy suitor due to her forbidden attraction to a music teacher.

Then in 1993 Manhattan, a young Hawaiian man lives with his wealthier and older partner all while trying to hide his troubled childhood. And finally, in 2093 where a woman is trying to solve the mystery of her husband’s disappearance while grappling with life without her grandfather.

Release: January 11

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How High We Go in the Dark by Sequoia Nagamatsu

Sequoia Nagamatsu’s new book, How High We Go in the Dark, follows various characters linked together in a story that spans hundreds of years where humanity is trying to rebuild itself following a climate plague. The core of this new novel is the resiliency of the human spirit amidst all odds.

Release: January 18

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Fuccboi by Sean Thor Conroe

This audacious debut novel by Sean Thor Conroe is set one year after Trump’s presidency. It tells the story of Sean, who is trying to live meaningfully in a world that seemingly doesn’t want him.

A failed SoundCloud rapper, Sean finds himself back in school—and trying to write. But he’s starting to wonder just how much more can he take at whatever life throws at him.

Release: January 25

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8 / 9

Manywhere: Stories by Morgan Thomas

A shimmering debut of nine stories, Manywhere explores queer and genderqueer experiences throughout history. The characters navigate betrayal, violence, their own pasts and go on a journey that transcends the boundaries of body, land and history for self-discovery.

Release: January 25

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Devil House by John Darnielle

John Darnielle’s most ambitious book yet, The Devil House follows Gage Chandler. When he grows up, he becomes a successful true crime writer. Now, he’s being offered what would possibly be his next big break: to move into a house where notorious murders occurred and write about it.

Release: January 25

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