Cover Small Laude wears a pink gown and poses for a photo (Photo: Instagram/@smalllaude)

There is something wildly endearing about Filipino entrepreneur and vlogger, Small Laude. Her relatable social media content took the internet by storm and here's why

At this point, nobody can deny that entrepreneur and vlogger Small Laude has captivated the internet one video at a time. From visiting a crowded public market to being vocal about her political choices, Tatler lists the many times our favourite tita proved she's fun, quirky, and pro-active just like everybody else. 

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Laude goes to Farmer's Market

In one of her vlogs, Laude visited Farmer's Market which is a popular wet-and-dry market at the heart of Cubao in Quezon City. Around the area are stalls that sell raw fish, pork, vegetables, and whatnot. Laude visited to get a first-hand look at the unique finds to be seen in and around the area. Needless to say, this Youtube entry was equal parts relatable and entertaining.

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She's vocal about her political choices

In a viral Instagram story posted by Laude, she gave a nod to Vice President Leni Robredo who announced her presidential candidacy. Laude wrote, "pink is my colour" while wearing a beautiful pink gown. Robredo coincidentally used the colour pink to promote her candidacy for the 2022 elections. A timely reminder, perhaps, to make sure your voice is heard and we exercise our right to suffrage.

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"It's not the material things"

In an interview with veteran reporter Karen Davilla, Laude shared where she finds constant happiness. In an excerpt of the said interview, she can be heard saying "it's not the material things," implying that she does not rely on her status or wealth to appreciate life and those around her. 

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A genuine relationship with her staff

In her vlog titled I Tried to be A Yaya for A Day, Laude switched roles with her housemaids. In the video, she can be seen thoroughly cleaning her mansion and attending to her staff. The biggest takeaway? Laude proved she has a great relationship with her household personnel.

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