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Malaysia Aviation Group joins forces with THESELINA for a limited edition collection made from repurposed aircraft materials

As part of its sustainability commitment, Malaysian Aviation Group (MAG) has partnered with PR veteran and designer Selina Yoep Jr's brand THESELINA to produce a bespoke collection of five luxury handbags, made from materials that have been repurposed from Malaysia Airlines’ aircraft leather seats, belts and buckles, tablecloths, life vests, cabin crew kebaya uniforms and more.

The names of the five bags are inspired by IATA codes to destinations within Malaysia Airlines’ network: Buckle Bag; the Sierra Yankee Delta (SYD) personalised canvas bag; the November Romeo Tango (NRT) messenger bag; the Mike Yankee Yankee (MYY) Penan bag and the Mike Echo Lima (MEL) backpack.

The collection was launched at a private event at the RuMa Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur, attended by prominent faces like Sime Darby Property Berhad group managing director Dato' Azmir Merican, Royal Selangor managing director Yong Yoon Li, Datin Shen-Tel Lee of Bowerhaus and Sereni&Shentel and RNF MotoGP Racing Team principal Datuk Razlan Razali among others. 

"As the parent company of the national carrier Malaysia Airlines, MAG continues to forge ways to promote socio-economic development and achieving our commitment of recording net-zero carbon emissions by 2050," says MAG acting chief sustainability officer and Firefly CEO Philip See.

"We are proud to show the fruits of our collaboration with high-end designer Selina Yeop Jr of THESELINA, featuring the repurposing of aircraft materials into bespoke designer bags, allowing us to reduce wastage whilst alleviating our flag-bearing brand to the world."

Priced between RM882 to RM2,100, this limited edition collection is available at MAG's online marketplace.   


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