Cover John-Son Oei, Jon-Ian Oei and John-Hans Oei (Photo: Kimmun)

In anticipation of the upcoming reveal of Gen.T List 2021, here's a look at some past honourees who have also graced Tatler Malaysia's covers

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John-Son Oei (June 2016)

It was a family affair for this cover story from 2016. Social entrepreneur and Epic Collective founder John-Son Oei appeared on the cover with mom Ooi Piek See. On the inside pages, they were joined by John-Son's brothers, John-Ian and John-Hans (also a fellow Gen.T honouree) in a heartwarming tribute to mom who raised the three boys on her own when dad passed away when they were still in their teens. 

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It was significant for us because the story centred around the contributions our mom has made to our lives. It's kind of story that needs to be told a lot more—our success is really due to all her sacrifices and care.
John-Son Oei
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Pandelela Rinong (August 2017)

Hot on the heels of her triumph at Rio Olympics 2016 where she won a silver medal, Pandelela Rinong got all glammed up for Tatler, proving to be just as poised in front of the camera as she is on the diving platform. In this candid interview, she opened up about dedicating her life to diving, which has since rewarded her with a gold medal at the 2021 FINA Diving World Cup. 

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I never thought I was normal actually, because diving has been my entire life. Sometimes I don’t know how to be normal. I am not ‘normal’ like everybody else, and my ‘normal’ is very different from anybody else’s.
Pandelela Rinong
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Datin Dian Lee (November 2018)

In 2018, Tatler picked Dian Lee as its Most Stylish Woman of the year. Her impeccable style aside, the founder of Clearwater Group opened up about her marriage to Datuk Jared Lim as well as how motherhood had challenged her world view in this cover story.

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There’s a sense of meticulousness that comes from being a businesswoman, and motherhood is the opposite of that. There’s no control. There’s a push and pull involved, and eventually you have to learn to surrender!
Datin Dian Lee
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Fiziwoo (February 2019)

Izree Kai Haffiz and Mohd Hafizi Radzi Woo (Fizi) are the creative forces behind Fiziwoo, one of the most coveted Malaysian fashion brands. And to think that when they started in 2009, Kai couldn't sew while Fizi is colour blind. But they overcame the odds and launched into national acclaim, counting among their fans royal family members and celebrities.

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Even if other people do not believe in me, I believe in myself and that is all that matters.
Mohd Hafizi Radzi Woo
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Scha Alyahya (November 2019)

As a style influencer, Scha Alyahya possesses the uncanny knack of looking fabulous no matter what she puts on. So it's no wonder she was Tatler's Most Stylish Woman in 2019. Being a mother of two (she gave birth to second daughter Lyla Amina in February this year) hasn't diluted any of her glam factor either, appearing in the Raya 2021 campaign for Bonia and was recently chosen as one of the women to personify Hublot's feminine Big Bang One Click watches.

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Not many people know this, but I am obsessed about productivity. I am always looking for ways to be more efficient in how I work.
Scha Alyahya
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Joe Flizzow (March 2020)

March 2020 marked a new look for the Tatler print magazine, and it kicked off with bang by putting the spotlight on a new class of innovators and builders who redefined how Asia is perceived in the eyes of the world. Leading the Malaysian contingent is rapper and music mogul Joe Flizzow who is on a mission to promote new hip-hop talents in the region. 

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Shila Amzah

Shila Amzah can sing in 10 languages! This cover story chronicles the singing sensation's rise to fame in mainland China, where she broke barriers and won millions of fans with her amazing vocals—and determination to master Mandarin for the sake of her Chinese fanbase.

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I love trying and learning new things. To me, what makes a country is its language. After learning that, you understand the culture, people and even the food better.
Shila Amzah
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Tengku Ahmad Irfan (August 2020)

The classical pianist and Juilliard graduate may only be in his early 20s, but Tengku Ahmad Irfan has already accomplished more than most adults twice his age. He is what one would call a musical prodigy—he became a featured soloist at the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra gala concert when he was 11, performed with such greats as David Robertson and Kristjan Järvi, and even conducted an orchestra at 16. 

It is easy for musicians to get too ‘comfortable’ in doing the same thing. However, looking at (Leonard) Bernstein, he is highly passionate in anything that he does even though the activities are varied from one another. I truly admire his openness to everything.
Tengku Ahmad Irfan
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Chryseis Tan (May 2021)

Chryseis Tan has been keeping busy during lockdown, welcoming her first child Arianna with husband Faliq Nasimuddin, and launched her new skincare line, LUMI Beauty. Juggling two new babies at once didn't faze the entrepreneur and tastemaker, who strongly believes in doing what makes her happy.

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Being a mom is a tough job on its own and I completely understand mothers who want to focus 100 per cent on their family. I love the small surprises. Every time I come home, she is crawling a little faster or a tooth is coming out.
Chryseis Tan

The Gen.T 2021 list will be unveiled in September. Find out more on the Gen.T website.