Although it’s been more than 10 years since Datin Dian Lee and Datuk Jared Lim tied the knot, their ageless good looks and public affection for one another can trick one into thinking they’re still at the honeymoon stage. But those don’t even begin to describe these soul mates: Datuk Jared, joint managing partner of Tremendous Asia Partners, and Datin Dian, founder of Clearwater Group, fit together in a unique way that lovers, parents, business partners, and best friends do, working and playing as a family unit.

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A fateful beginning

She was a mere 20 years old when she first set eyes on the man whom she’d call her husband, some years later. Datin Dian first met Datuk Jared through her father – He was at Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew’s office to discuss business deals, and one can only guess where it went from there. Little did Datin Dian and Datuk Jared know that they would one settle down and start a family almost immediately.

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Wedding Bells

The couple were married on November 16, 2006, and their union often recounted with a story of her grand wedding proposal. Datuk Jared was guided by the Chinese saying Shi Chuan Shi Mei – translated as the perfect 10, which fell on – you guess it, the 10 of October, when he got down on one knee.

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2 become 3

At the age of 24, Datin Dian welcomed her firstborn, a son named Jedi Isaiah. Needless to say, Datuk Jared, a fan of the Star Wars franchise, was over the moon with the arrival of a boy.  

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A little girl

A daughter followed suit whom she named Jora Dream – because she was a dream come true, the girl Datin Dian wished for.

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A 3rd arrival

In early 2014, Jaan Justice was welcomed into the family fold, and the tribe couldn’t be more complete.

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An inspiration for young mums

“Everything I do, all the happiness I feel, is made doubly more when I share them with my husband and family. Being a mum, it multiplies all your joy.” Datin Dian revealed in a 2014 Malaysia Tatler online interview about motherhood.

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Managing businesses

Where people declare ‘game over’ when marriage and family enter the picture, it was the reverse for this duo. They flourished professionally – Datin Dian turned her focus on Clearwater Group of boutique apartment developers and lifestyle brands with Datuk Jared. Many of them emphasise on luxurious as well as eco-conscious lifestyles.

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A shining example

Modern, ambitious women put off families to pursue their careers, but Datin Dian took an alternative route, and couldn’t be more proud that early motherhood set her apart from her contemporaries. “The name Clearwater came from a poetry book I stumbled upon while strolling through the streets of Melbourne. One the first page was written a quote: ‘Shrug off the restraints that you have allowed others to place upon you – Clearwater,'” Datin Dian was quoted in Malaysia Tatler January 2007 issue.

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<strong>Dream team</strong>

Datin Dian and Datuk Jared enjoy food and the unique experiences restaurants bring to diners. A visit to their social media and you’ll get an idea of how their love for food spurred them to co-found exceptional F&B establishments like Ploy and Way Modern Chinois.

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Supporting role

“My husband, Jared has been a great partner and that has allowed me to be a better mother. Also, my in-laws and my parents, I am lucky I have my family supporting me all the way,” Datin Dian once said, reflecting on her blessings.

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The importance of family values

Both parents are guided by strong family virtues, which in turn, steers them in bringing up their brood. Datin Dian and Datuk Jared carve out precious time for the family, eager not to miss a moment each day they grow. Even if it means coming home early or reading them goodnight stories.


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Secrets of success

Their approach to a balanced family life, personal time and career is probably the root of their success. “I make the time for myself. I find time for myself, that’s so very important,” Datin Dian shared.

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A couple that works and works out together...

One area of commitment is health and fitness, for the couple. Spurred by this passion, Datin Dian founded Be Urban Wellness, to foster a holistic lifestyle and community. There, you’ll find her teaching yoga too. Datuk Jared, ever the sporting spouse, participates and supports his wife by joining regular couple aerial yoga classes.

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Children see, children do

Their children are no stranger to their parents’ zeal for fitness. They can often be seen in the couple's respective Instagram posts, welding impressive martial arts moves and trippy yoga poses.

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Finding Zen

With so much going on in their lives, inner peace and calm is a prized possession and a blessing they’ve honed. “It sounds like a lot to juggle but on this ‘finding Zen’ journey, it’s about recalibrating your life. If you’re constantly stressed, you’ll find you can’t handle it," Dian advised.

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Around the world with you&nbsp;

You could call it a perpetual honeymoon, but Datin Dian and Datuk Jared’s ‘dates’ take them to foreign countries; half the time with their children, for a dose of inspiration and much needed rest and relaxation.

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All in the family

Datin Dian and Datuk Jared always go back to the source of their parental figures – their family. Despite juggling, work, children, and everything in between, the 2 make it a point to connect over meals, parties, events, or even on private jet to a business trip – with extended members of the family.

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The life of the party

Between early nights to put the kids to bed, the couple are firm believers in a good time on the town, a ritual that begins with getting dolled up, dressed up, and camera-ready for parties and events. For a few hours, they’re just another couple having a laugh, raising a glass, and catching up with friends.

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Fashion forward

Speaking of glamming up, Datin Dian is a major style player of KL’s fashion elite. A lover of Dior, Louboutins, Chanel, and couture creations, she’s adept at mixing brands and trends, and making them part of her chic personality. Datuk Jared is recognised as quite the dapper gent, dressing to the occasion on par to his wife.

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Social butterflies

Whether it’s a birthday party, a fashion show, or a red carpet gala, the power couple carves time to attend social events in support of the people who matter in their lives. They also know it’s the best time to connect with new friends which lead to prospective collaborations, that are achieved as a team.

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Mutual friendships

Speaking of people who matter, Datin Dian and Datuk Jared make loyal friends to high society figures like Benjamin Yong, Danielle Graham, Ken Lim and Marion Caunter. There are also the couples whom they go on double dates with now and then, and throw parties with, for one another.

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Celebrating milestones

Datin Dian and Datuk Jared celebrate each anniversary religiously, and for their 10th wedding anniversary, got the children involved in an adorable, outdoor photoshoot that might as well have been a renewal of vows. Balloons, flower wreaths, and a vintage truck made the whole setup a romantically whimsical one. 

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A love so high, it reaches the sky&nbsp;

Here's to Datuk Jared and Datin Datin, who put the edge into romance and breath new meaning of 'it takes two to tango.'




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