Some twenty guests were treated to a taste of Southern Thai cuisine at a private dinner co-hosted by Tatler Dining and The Starhill Dining

Amping up the rosiness of our cheeks with fiery sauces and spices, Chef Rasikan's cooking assumed centre stage at Shook! on April 3, 2021. Since there is no such thing as unified Thai food, the chef set out to educate some 20 diners on the finer points of Southern Thai cuisine. Lashings of coconut milk met fresh whole lobster in a special seafood curry, smoky eggplant was dressed in a tangy tamarind sauce, and sliced barramundi was artfully arranged to resemble a blooming flower—on this note, plus points must be given for the kitchen's plating skills.

Peppered with famous faces who have graced Tatler Malaysia's covers, including husband-wife pair Nini Marini and Joe Flizzow, the guest list was kept small in keeping with the current SOPs. For some, the invite-only event provided the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with The Starhill Dining's recently renovated premises. For others, the occasion marked a joyful return to the pleasures of eating out again.

Dressed from chin to foot in a royal purple 'chut Thai' and sporting a purple orchid in her hair, Chef Rasikan introduced each course to the guests while also throwing in fun tidbits about Southern Thai fare. For instance, Khao Yum, a rice salad redolent of Nasi Kerabu, was presented as such: "A large Muslim population lives on the Malay Peninsula in Southern Thailand, hence some similarities between our cuisines."

Ever the gracious hostess, Geraldine Dreiser, vice president of marketing for YTL Hotels, made sure to see every last guest off, and later reverted to us: “It was a pleasure to partner with Tatler Dining on this intimate event at Shook! showcasing our Thai Tastemaker, Chef Rasikan. We hope that each course provided insight on her inspiration and her dedication to her craft."

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