Cover Chef Rasikan, Thai masterchef at Shook! in The Starhill Dining (Photo: Goh Kwee Jin/Tatler Dining Malaysia)

Beneath Chef Rasikan's sweet front is a steely fire that has catapulted her into the role of Thai masterchef

Marked by a zen demeanour that doesn't quite match up with her love of sharp objects, Chef Rasikan—affectionately known as Chef Pinn—is an enigma when you first meet her. But like puzzles, people need to be pieced together with patience. As our conversation flows, bits and pieces of the Thai chef's colourful life fall into place, forming a sharper picture.

Possessing some of the finest knife skills we've ever seen, Chef Rasikan views her knife kit as something akin to Tibetan singing bowls or mala beads.

"When I first joined the culinary institute, knives quickly became my favourite kitchen utensils," she says, eyes twinkling. "My mentor taught me that carving is not unlike meditation. You have to focus on your knife—the knife follows your hand which follows your heart. Any wandering thought might cause you to cut yourself, so you must be self-possessed."

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Beneath Chef Rasikan's sweet front is a steely fire that has catapulted her into the role of Thai masterchef at Shook! in The Starhill Dining.

A people-centric woman whose passions are informed by her elders or, as she calls them, 'mummy chefs', Rasikan was born in the Kalasin Province in upper northeastern Thailand but specialises in southern Thai cuisine, proving that one's upbringing has more influence than one's birthplace. During our chat, we follow her mesmerising movements as she shows us how to make Fresh Lobster with Yellow Curry Chilli Paste by following a secret recipe that she had to earn from her mentors years ago.

While many Thai restaurants in the Klang Valley have a tendency to lump Thailand's regional cuisines together, Shook! ups the ante and authenticity of southern Thai soul food by embracing the niche. Thanks to Chef Rasikan's stewardship, no Thai dish is diluted under The Starhill Dining's roof.  

Experience a vibrant celebration of Thai soul food

Shook! at The Starhill Dining | 181, Bukit Bintang St, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur | Daily, 11.30am - 2.30pm and 6 - 10.30pm | Email for reservations

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