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These foolproof gift ideas that symbolise the love you share with your partner will make heart's day even more special

Take the opportunity to treat your partner on Valentine's Day with a token of love. Instead of spoiling them with the usual chocolates and roses, surprise them with gifts that remind them either of yourself or the relationship you've both built over time. 

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For unique gifts that touch the heart, browse below Tatler's list of ideas to give your partner:

Surprise Gift Box

List down all the things your partner has mentioned over the course of your relationship, from a receipt to a spa session to their favourite childhood snacks. Collect these items in a box and wrap them for Valentine's Day. This encourages your partner to continue communicating as they'll feel that their needs and wants are heard, further strengthening your bond.

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Above Photo: Monstera / Pexels

Couple Jewellery

A couple bracelet, necklace, or ring (like the Tiffany True Band Ring) would make your loved one happy especially when you've both agreed to take the next step. This grand gesture serves as a reminder of the promise you've made for each other and will be much appreciated by your partner especially if their love language is receiving gifts. To make it even more special, have both pieces engraved either with each other's names or your anniversary date.

Book of Love or a Compiled Video

If your partner's love language is words of affirmation, then they'll surely want to know how you value them and the relationship. Be as creative as you wish!

You may do so by making your own book; either you write down your love story from your perspective or list down things you're grateful for. Another great way to surprise your partner is to compile videos together with your narration. You can speak over the videos telling them your innermost thoughts to show how much you love and care for them. 

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Time Capsule

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Above Photo: Lisa Fotios / Pexels

How does one show love to their partner whose love language is spending quality time? Simple—show them that each moment spent in their company is appreciated by curating a time capsule. Find a vessel that can last years and fill it up together with items from your most favourite moments together whether it's ticket stubs, an old photo, or dried flower petals. Bury it together somewhere in your backyard, mark your calendars, and vow to open it years from now!

Touch Bracelet

Stay connected in one touch—even while you're both apart—using a touch bracelet. Thanks to technology, you can now feel your partner's presence through an innovative bracelet you can control through a mobile app. Brands like Bond Touch allows a private chat for two and mimics you and your partner's natural vibration.


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Above Photo: Amazon

Love Coupon

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Above Photo: Olya Kobruseva / Pexels

A straightforward yet adorable way of providing acts of service to your partner is by gifting them their very own love coupons this Valentine's Day. There are a few blank coupons that you or your beau can fill up with acts of love, whether it's doing the dishes for a week, a back massage for a month, and more. It's a present that they'll enjoy even after the season of love!

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Bouquet of their Favourites

Gifting your partner a bouquet is a traditional way of professing your love. Even if they don't like flowers, you can still customise bouquets by filling them with chocolates, paper bills, cupcakes, or anything that you believe symbolises your respect and admiration for your SO. You may even add a letter that you can read out aloud. This way, you're giving them the best of both worlds.

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