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Here is Tatler’s weekly horoscope for the week of January 16-22

Welcome back to Tatler's weekly horoscope led by our astrologer, De Rui

A shift on Wednesday marks a turning point. The Full Moon in Cancer can bring emotional breakthroughs, if we make space for them. Uranus, the planet of innovation and change, leaves a long retrograde period and begins to move us into the future again.

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Inspiration enters

Stars signs affected the most: Capricorn and Pisces can get the word out.

Creative energies and impulses from last week continue to influence us collectively. Mercury, now moving apparently moving backwards in its retrograde, contacts Uranus again. Efforts to rally the public or promotional messages can be more inspired or on-trend. Neptune and asteroid Pallas Athena are also still travelling together, lending more imagination and inspiration to art projects. Charity or humanitarian efforts also get a big boost.

Learn how to be self-sufficient

Stars signs affected the most: Cancer, Leo, and Virgo may feel more contentment.

The middle of the week is where most of the planetary action will take place. The meeting point between the Moon’s path and Sun’s path is shifting into Taurus and Scorpio, marking a major change in collective themes since May 2020.

For the next 18 months, expect lessons in self-sufficiency and self-reliance, even as the urge to merge or be co-dependent beckons at us. Hold space for feelings to come up around the Full Moon in Cancer on Tuesday.

Stay mindful and considerate

Stars signs affected the most: Aries and Aquarius might plan ahead.

The Sun makes a move into Aquarius on Thursday, just a couple of days after the ruler of the sign, Uranus, emerges out of five months in retrograde. These future-oriented alignments could bring fresh ideas about how to carry out all those New Year’s resolutions. As the gears turn inside your head, Mars the action planet may want to start plowing forward. Be sure to stay mindful and considerate of other people’s needs at this time.

About our astrologer

De Rui is a Hong Kong-based Western astrologer and the founder of Chart Life, a personalised astrology service for those who want specific insights for love, business and personal growth. She cautions that while the Sun sign is important, it's not the only relevant factor in our birth charts. Always look at your whole chart, or contact a professional for assistance. De Rui is a member of the UK-based Faculty of Astrological Studies, and is a graduate of Harvard University.  


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