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Be kind to yourself—and the environment—and get on the organic facial bandwagon because your skin needs some lovin’ too

Pandemic stress is real, and for some of us, our skin is taking one for the team, whether we like it or not.

For us unfortunate few who have not been blessed with perfectly dewy, radiant and poreless skin, we’ve all experienced that helpless feeling of exasperation when we wake up with an acne breakout ,or dry and dull skin, even when we’ve diligently carried out an 18-step nighttime facial routine the night before or cut down on our oily food intake. But alas, life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to.

With the pandemic causing our economy to fluctuate and work and study is mostly online, our well-being and skin health is bound to take a heavy toll as we are forced to deal with these ineffable changes in our daily lives and routines.

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Even so, we should go easy on ourselves every once in a while, and treat ourselves to some homegrown organic skin and facial treatments that are not only naturally beneficial for us, but also for the environment as well. These locally-based organic facial spas emphasise the use of natural and chemical-free products in their treatments, which ensures that they are safe for everyone, including vegans out there.

Now that the second Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) has been lifted, there is no excuse for you to get out of taking care of your skin and state of mind by going for a relaxing facial spa that is sure to revitalise your skin and give you that glow again. Make sure you’re fully vaccinated before you go though!

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1. The Organic Room

If you want to pamper yourself with a perfectly tailored organic facial treatment that takes into account every client’s individual needs, The Organic Room is the place for you. The brand’s founder Sharifah was inspired by her mother’s traditional way of taking care of one’s skin, and she firmly believes in the healing powers of nature that can improve and enhance one’s beauty and skin. With ten years of cosmetology and beauty therapy experience, her facial philosophy involves tailoring each experience to the individual’s unique skin type and issues, and she offers various organic treatments for the face, eyes, neck and also provides organic sugaring too.

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2. Pure Tincture Organic Beauty

Pure Tincture Organic Beauty prides themselves for having an extensive collection of skincare treatments, products and cosmetics that cater to a variety of different skin types and individual needs. They believe in delivering treatments and products that are effective, pure, non-comedogenic, eco-friendly and natural in its composition. They not only offer a bevy of attractive organic skin treatments for you to choose from, including a first time offer, treatment for sensitive skin and exfoliation, but they also deliver skincare products to interested clients in recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

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3. Kew Organics

Kew Organics is a highly decorated facial brand in Singapore and they aim to champion the use of organic skincare to help individuals achieve healthy and clear skin and to encourage the disuse of makeup. Winning many awards for the best organic facial, this brand certainly knows their stuff when it comes to organic treatments and products that are result-driven and safe to use. Their products hail from countries like Canada and Korea, and their treatment menu comprises of fresh, organic and holistic remedies for issues such as wrinkles, acne and many more.

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4. OrganicsBeauty

OrganicsBeauty is a Singapore-based Japanese facial and skincare brand that focuses on chemical-free and natural skincare treatment, and they combine aesthetic beauty methods with natural holistic therapy to bring you a facial experience that is wholesome inside and out. As their therapists welcome you with Japanese hospitality and offer attentive customization for your facial treatment with them, you cannot help but feel extremely taken care of in this relaxing atmosphere. Their holistic approach not only ensures visible improvements on the skin, but they also believe in bringing out your inner beauty and soul with treatments like their organic herbal treatment and organic lift up and firm treatment.

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5. Der Anthyllis Organic

Der Anthyllis Organic is a small organic facial brand in Singapore that wants the best for their customers. The brand’s founder only believes in using certified organic and quality ingredients and she combines elements of aromatherapy with high-quality facial methods in her uniquely tailored treatments for every one of her clients. She received her herbal and skincare training and qualifications from Germany and she seeks to bring her accumulated knowledge and experience in the field to the organic facial scene in Singapore. She offers various skin and eye treatments that you can inquire about on her Facebook page.

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