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From changing your nightly skin-care routine to dressing for bed in style, here are some self-care tips to help you unwind, relax and get a good night's rest

It’s no secret we could all use more rest—and we have the numbers to prove it. According to tech company Kisi’s 2021 Work-Life Balance Index, Singapore is the second most overworked city globally. Taking the lead on the overall fatigue scale, the pervasive ‘hustle’ culture in Singapore keeps everyone hyper-busy, hyper-connected and hyper on-edge. 

The consequences of the daily grind lead to a cocktail of problems physically, mentally and emotionally. However, there’s more to rest than closing your eyes, and here’s how you can hit the snooze button inside your head to ensure waking up refreshed and well-rested.

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1. Sleep Well In Sleepwear

The right sleepwear can help you settle into a restful night of slumber, and local premium loungewear label Rawbought, launched by sisters Boutaina, Soukaina and Amira Faruq in 2020, claims to have created the perfect pyjama sets and sleepshirts that do just that.

Leveraging on the years of experience and expertise of the founders’ apparel manufacturing family business, Rawbought puts out buttery‑soft modal sleepwear with touches of lace, silk and other fabrics that amplify the comfort while lending style. It also has a men’s range, with plans for a kids’ collection, to make comfy sleeping a family affair.

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2. Get In Between The Sheets

Did you know we spend a third of our lives snoozing—or at least attempting to snooze? When it comes to fostering quality sleep, what we lie on is important too.

Make your bed the ultimate sanctuary with the cosiest sheets, pillow and bolster cases, and duvet covers from local bedding store Sojao, made with 100 per cent organic cotton grown by smallholder farmer families in India. Get a feel of its bedding, as well as towels and loungewear, at its Home Goods Store, where you can also find the best of ethical homeware.

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3. Put Your Best Face Forward

Stress has a sneaky way to seep into our bodies, long after we’ve clocked out from work. However, it’s not just in your aching shoulders—your stress is also causing skin breakouts, puffy eyes and even more serious cases of rosacea, eczema and rashes. Heal your stress by being a little extra kind to your skin.

Harnessing the power of superfruits, K beauty‑inspired American skincare brand Glow Recipe helps you care for skin stressed by all that mental and emotional tension you’re feeling—which can present as dullness, dryness, acne, oiliness, a darkening in tone and more.

For those struggling with dull and dry skin, there’s the super‑hydrating Plum Plump Hyaluronic Serum and the oil‑free Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer. To aid the recovery of compromised skin and help strengthen its barrier function, include the Avocado Ceramide Recovery Serum in your night routine.

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4. Let Your Hair Down

Stress might be invisible, but its effects sadly aren’t—especially if you’re experiencing hair fall. Here’s when a nice warm shower or bath is the ultimate stressbuster at the end of the day, pair it with a shampoo that reminds you of the fresh scent after a rainfall, a beach vacation in Bali or a stroll in a peaceful Japanese garden. 

Inspired by traditional wellness remedies, local skincare brand BHuman ventures into haircare with Bättre, a collection of three water-activated powder hair washes. Fortified with natural, vegan and cruelty‑free ingredients such as strengthening kalanchoe extract, calming aloe extract and moisturising coconut, the shampoos are designed to help restore fullness as well as a healthy look and feel.

Each formula also combats different issues affecting those living in hot and humid Southeast Asian countries, such as greasy and sensitive scalps. The super‑concentrated hair washes come in recyclable aluminium bottles to reduce single‑use waste and the brand’s carbon footprint.

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5. Be Kind To Yourself

Most of us are guilty of still thinking about work even after we shut off our computers or leave the office. However, when we don't give our minds a break from (over)thinking, we risk burnout and a slew of stress-related consequences.

Tatler friend Rany Moran, a Sydney‑based counsellor accredited by the International Coach Federation, shares some tips on how we can address our various stresses by prioritising ourselves, our health and our spirits.

Moran starts by emphasizing on the importance of showing kindness to oneself, and to "praise and affirm your actions and achievements, no matter how small they are and let go of external opinions and judgements." 

When it comes to setting goals to improve our own wellbeing, we can't aim to be perfect as “perfection is the enemy to progress,” shares the accredited counsellor. Instead, Moran suggests to “set realistic goals and focus on your journey—whether it's career-, family- or fitness-oriented.”

Stress has a way of physically manifesting in the body, so Moran advocates finding time to “shake out pent-up tension through sports, a pleasant walk or some simple stretching, and getting your daily dose of dopamine by engaging in activities you find equal parts rewarding and satisfying.”

Lastly, the Australian-based life coach recommends everyone to incorporate an end-of-day ritual to full disconnect from work, physically and mentally. “When you let go of being in work mode all the time, you can start to focus on yourself, which can, in turn, help you improve your professional performance,” shares Moran. Win-win!

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6. Share Your Anxieties

TikTok recently launched its in‑app Singapore Wellness Hub, a one-stop repository for mental health and wellness resources. The Wellness Hub offers users a safe space to share their personal lived experiences, find communities of support, and access mental health resources to prioritise their wellbeing.

Among other things, users can learn techniques that promote mental wellness (such as grounding breathing exercises) in the Wellness Matters section as well as reach out directly to various non‑profit organisations under Support Helplines. 

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7. Find Wellness At Your Fingertips

Sometimes, all we need is a gentle or automated reminder to put our phones aside (at least an hour before bedtime)—here are two apps to get you on track to dreamland.

“Just one more video” is a familiar refrain by now. After which we promptly fall into the rabbit hole of endlessly scrolling through social media. Get your phone-life balance back with the app Space, which allows you to set time goals, track your daily progress, earn badges and more.

Certain sounds can help us snooze and for that, there’s Pzizz. Perfect for those suffering from insomnia or disturbed sleep, it offers beautiful dreamscapes—a mix of music, voice‑overs and sound effects created based on psychoacoustic principles that’ll send you straight to la‑la land.


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