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Get to know your friends or family members even more with these fun party games that are perfect for the Christmas season!

Who doesn't love a good Christmas party? This year, bond with those you love best by playing some fun games. These hilarious activities are sure to bring about the best memories that you can look back on all year round. 

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1. Christmas Singing Bee

We all love Christmas carols, and we're sure your guests do too! For you party, consider playing along to a Christmas Singing Bee. Originally a game show, The Singing Bee introduced audiences in the US and in the Philippines to musical themed games.

For your party, remove any unnecessary frill and focus on your favourite carols. Play a tune and have guests (or teams) guess the song! Otherwise, turn it into a karaoke game and play a portion of the tune before letting the contestant or team fill in the rest of the lyrics. 

2. Gift Exchange: Pinoy Henyo Style

A party classic! Pinoy Henyo is a no-fail way to get any party started. It's loud, it's fun, and everyone knows the rules. Make your words into Christmas themed phrases—anything from parol to simbang gabi can be fun to guess. Add a twist by using it alongside a gift exchange. Have your guests try to guess what they'll be receiving—Pinoy Henyo style! 

3. Charades

Perhaps one of the most well-known parlour games, charades has been enjoyed by generations. Incorporate it into your own Christmas party by thinking up seasonal themes to make it even more exciting!

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4. Card Games

We love a good card game. Anything from Uno to Pictionary can be a fun way to break the ice, especially when attending a party with new friends or colleagues. Consider playing card games that are flexible when it comes to the number of players so that everyone can be included!

5. Old-School Board Games

For a more laidback Christmas celebration, go with your game night favourites. The Monopoly Christmas edition is particularly popular and can help set the mood for the party. Jenga is also a good option that can be played by multiple people. Best to be done with while taking a sip from your cup of eggnog.

6. Find the Reindeer

Gift exchanges are always a fun part of Christmas parties. Spice up your usual exchange with a new twist by playing it according to the rules of a reindeer hunt! Have everyone buy one gift for someone else (but don't assign one person just yet). Print out pictures of reindeer with the name of the gift-giver written behind the paper and hide it all over the house or area (you can ask each person to hide it wherever they like or prefer). Afterwards, go on a hunt to find one reindeer each and whoever's reindeer you'll find will be your Santa for the party! 

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7. Christmas "Scattergories"

Make this game fun by turning it into a drinking game. Choose multiple Christmas categories (it can be anything from Christmas foods to Christmas songs) and have everyone name one thing under those categories. Afterwards, gather around and read your answers together. Whoever has the same answers take a shot! 


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