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It's that time of the year again! If you haven't bought yourself an outrageously cute Christmas sweater yet, then it's time to rethink your priorities.

We're not exactly sure at what point Christmas sweaters became cool. Was it around the time people started putting comfort over style? Well this season, you don't have to choose. We've compiled a super fun list of some of your favourite designer sweaters that you can wear at home, to Zoom parties, or for anything in between. 

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See by Chloé

French luxury fashion house, Chloé, has served as the epitome for free-spirited femininity decades since its inception. This Christmas, add some of their signature flair to your closet with the Lucky Clover Jacquard Sweater. Featuring a four-leaf clover pattern alongside black and white stripes contrasted by a red hem, this cosy wool sweater is sure to get you feeling cosy this Christmas. 

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South2 West8

Japanese minimalism is at the forefront of the South2 West8 brand. As a humble outfitter originally from Sapporo, they're often known for loose-fitting clothes in fun fashion prints. This year, they give us their casual take on the Christmas sweater with this loose fitting, reindeer-hunt inspired sweater. Made mostly from mohair, this straightforward red and beige sweater is sure to keep you warm all Christmas long. 

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Getting ready for a tropical Christmas? If you're missing summer amidst the season, we recommend you inspire yourself with the Nº21 Knit Surfer Sweater. It features abstract waves and surfers amidst a neon pink canvas. Mixing wool, mohair, and angora, it's also a comfy blend of warm fabrics that are sure to remind you of balmier weather. 

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Ralph Lauren

Remember as a kid, the clothes your mother picked out for you had cute cartoons on them? Well this is your chance to relive those adorable moment— with the Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater.  Made from a cashmere-wool blend, this lightweight pullover personifies a timeless appeal that's easy to wear for adults and kids-at-heart. It's carefully stitched in a traditional Fair Isle knit and features the iconic Polo Bear in a grungy leather jacket that's both endearing yet classic. 

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While not ostentatiously holiday-themed, this bright red Gucci sweater just had to make it to our list. (After all, what's more festive than scarlet-coloured clothing?) Add a carefully stitched deer and you have Alessandro Michele's nature-inspired sweater, with the Gucci tag stitched in black lettering. Perfect to pair with a midi skirt and high heels. 



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Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone's classic Christmas sweater features an eye-catching snowflake design on a multi-coloured pullover with a geometric diamond print at its border. Made in honour of the traditional Fair Isle design, the sweater is also made of a fuzzy alpaca blend that lends the piece a holiday feel. 

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Chinti & Parker

Made by the quirky Chinti & Parker brand, this bold sweater makes a statement like no other in a wool and cashmere blend. It's straightforward as it is comfortable, and also promises to be stretchy and lightweight.

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Isabel Marant

A personal favourite, this Isabel Marant sweater is a bold reinvention of the traditional Christmas sweater. Its structure is unique, complemented by a bold cable-knit pattern and long puff sleeves. The bright geometric pattern at its centre is eye-catching, but serves as a cohesive median for all the stitches that have been incorporated into this wool jumper. 


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Alice + Olivia

Bright colours and geometric prints are more or less the norm when it comes to Christmas sweaters. For something with a little edge, go for Alice + Olivia's cut out shoulder turtleneck. It features a Fair Isle print but with a fun, feminine twist – peekaboo shoulders. 

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Not a fan of the more saccharine side of holiday fashion? Check out Monse's edgy take on the traditional Christmas sweater. Featuring an inside-out effect and chaotically (but stylistically) placed loose threads, this grungy piece is the perfect accompaniment to a more avant-garde holiday outfit. 

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Aztech Mountain

Made from soft Merino wool, this cosy sweater from Aztech Mountain puts a spotlight on its main design: an intricately done needle-punch snowflake design. While not as flashy as other pieces, its straightforward design and allows one to mix and match more easily. Not to mention that it's an extremely functional piece that's sure to keep you warm in the holidays.


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