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The Perception Special Edition pays tribute to the two brands’ shared Chinese heritage, love for the study of time, and new beginnings

Luxury watch platform Wristcheck and independent watchmaker Atelier Wen have jointly announced the release of the Wristcheck x Atelier Wen Perception Special Edition timepiece, which will be the first model in the Atelier Wen’s Perception line.

This limited edition watch boasts a grade five titanium case with a matching fully integrated bracelet, as well as an additional grey FKM rubber strap. The bracelet, crafted with the watchmaker’s signature attention to detail, features a shishi (traditional lion dog) motif engraved on the semi-open caseback, revealing a tungsten rotor with circular Geneva stripes coated in green rhodium. The watch is powered by an extra thin Dandong SL1588 automatic movement that runs at 28,800 vibrations, and offers a power reserve of 41 hours.

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The highlight of the watch is the jade green guilloché dial, which takes Asia’s only guilloché expert, Master Cheng, eight hours to craft by hand using a rose engine. The structure of the Sunmao dial, reminiscent of China’s ancient architectural masterpieces, is designed with four different heights that create exceptional depth. Each dial is unique in its engraving, making each timepiece truly one of a kind.

“All of this comes at an incredibly accessible price point”, said Austen Chu, co-founder and CEO of Wristcheck. “It’s a great watch to start a collection, or—if you’re a seasoned collector—a great addition to one,” he added.

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Their Chinese heritage represents one aspect of the collaboration, but Wristcheck and Atelier Wen also share a desire to impassion the next generation of watch enthusiasts.

“By creating an environment where the future generation can learn, grow and be nurtured, Wristcheck enables the passion to be passed on and to live on”, said Robin Tallendier, co-founder of Atelier Wen. “This common goal led us to the name [Perception; it is truly] a watch that aims to bridge the past, present and future”.

Those interested in this watch, which is limited to 100 pieces, can sign up for a waiting list on the Wristcheck website.

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