Louis Vuitton offers its vision of watchmaking with artistic and technical twists on a familiar complication

Three models. Three guises. Louis Vuitton’s mascot Vivienne takes her place on the dial across a trio of references in the new Tambour Slim Vivienne Jumping Hours line, which offers a playful, whimsical take on watchmaking—with metiers d’art to boot. This is yet another of the maison’s unique interpretations of watchmaking, with a creative vision given form by keen technical capabilities.

A Unique Format

The Tambour Slim Vivienne Jumping Hours is a time‑only watch, but displays the hours and the minutes in a highly atypical way via a modified jumping hour complication. Typically, this complication involves an aperture in the dial that displays the hour digitally via a disc, which makes an instantaneous jump at the start of every hour to reflect the new time—hence the complication’s name. Meanwhile, the minutes are shown via a traditional minutes hand that sweeps around the dial on its own.

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For the Tambour Slim Vivienne Jumping Hours, however, the eponymous complication is executed across two apertures. This works by displaying the current hour alternatingly between the two apertures, with the other window showing a decorative motif that’s special to its particular watch instead. Visually, this is a treat for its wearer; at the start of every hour, the current hour and motif appear to switch sides as the two discs advance instantaneously.

On a practical level, there isn’t any tangible benefit to such a design, of course, especially since a person needs to spend an extra moment glancing across the apertures in order to read the time. Rather, consider this a fun little tweak to a familiar complication that increases the interaction between the wearer and their watch.

Take Three

Louis Vuitton’s take on the jumping hours complication has given it much latitude to showcase its creativity across the three Tambour Slim Vivienne Jumping Hours references. In the white gold “Circus”, Vivienne appears as a juggler on a mother-of-pearl dial; in the pink gold “Fortune”, she’s a fortune teller, mysterious against a background of aventurine; in the yellow gold “Casino”, she’s a croupier, with the green of the skarn dial reminiscent of a casino table.

Each Tambour Slim Vivienne Jumping Hours model is a miniature world unto itself, complete with motifs such as tarot cards for the fortune‑telling Vivienne and balls (with the Louis Vuitton Monogram Flower design, no less) for the juggling Vivienne. Of particular note here is how each model’s respective motif is also found on the tip of the minutes hand and appears to orbit Vivienne as she goes about her work.

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To bring these little universes to life, Louis Vuitton has utilised various decorative techniques, from gem-setting to miniature painting. The result is an interplay of textures and colours, from the sparkle of various brilliant‑cut gemstones to the shine of the polished gold elements and the intense, saturated hues of the miniature paintings. Louis Vuitton’s artistic savoir faire is on full display here, and there’s much to see and admire.

Viewed as a whole, the Tambour Slim Vivienne Jumping Hours is a breath of fresh air in the watchmaking industry and a triumph for Louis Vuitton’s vision of technical watchmaking with the house’s personal twist.


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