Cover H Moser & Cie x The Armoury Endeavour Small Seconds Total Eclipse (Photo: H Moser & Cie)

The limited-edition H Moser & Cie Endeavour Small Seconds Total Eclipse proves black is well and truly back

Independent Swiss manufacture H Moser & Cie's first collaboration for 2022 is with The Armoury’s Mark Cho, who has been a watch collector for more than 15 years.

The two have joined forces on an unprecedented partnership, resulting in the Endeavour Small Seconds Total Eclipse, a modern-looking wristwatch that’s presented in a sleek all-black colourway.

Cho worked in real estate before co-founding, alongside fashion entrepreneur Alan See, Hong Kong’s menswear brand The Armoury in 2010. In 2013, he expanded the company to New York, which is where he met H Moser & Cie CEO Edouard Meylan in 2019.

The Endeavour Small Seconds Total Eclipse is available in two limited editions of 28 pieces. Its 38mm case shape is inspired by early pocket watch conversions and, although classic, remains exceedingly modern thanks to the super-slick dial coated with Vantablack, one of the blackest materials produced artificially.

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A polished inner flange in steel or red gold represents the ethereal glow of the stellar corona, the outermost part of the Sun’s atmosphere, which is only visible to the naked eye when there’s a total solar eclipse.

Breguet-shaped hour and minute hands in steel or red gold are powered by the hand-wound Calibre HMC 327, which comes with a three-day power reserve and can be admired through a sapphire crystal open case back.

Secure your Endeavour Small Seconds Total Eclipse onto the wrist using the hand-stitched calf leather strap.

In an exclusive interview with Tatler, Cho and Meylan discuss their partnership in more detail…

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What was challenging about designing the Endeavour Small Seconds Total Eclipse?

EM: Combining the Vantablack with the inner bezel and the subdial indexes. Vantablack is a very high-tech and complex material to work with. Made of carbon nanostructures, it cannot come into contact with anything or it will be damaged. Mark and The Armoury forced us to push the boundaries of this technology.

Mark, of all the watch brands, why did you choose to collaborate with H Moser & Cie?

MC: H Moser & Cie have been an important part of the Swiss watchmaking industry for almost 200 years. For me, it was an accumulation of factors that made me think H Moser would be a really great partner to work with.

What did The Armoury bring to the design process?

EM: Elegance and balance.

Mark, when did you first become familiar with H Moser & Cie?

MC: The Armoury’s customers have been interested in H Moser since 2010 but the brand caught my attention after a string a great releases including the Streamliner and Vantablack models. I remember, in 2015, I saw a customer in our store wearing an H Moser fumé dial, which was very unusual and really intrigued me.

A few years later, when I was able to spend some time with Edouard in New York, I felt like he had a very unique perspective and I was impressed that he had established such a special track record over the last 10 years. A year later, during an event at The Armoury’s New York boutique, I pitched him some ideas for a limited-edition watch and he was very open to it.

Edouard, why is it important H Moser & Cie collaborates with other companies?

EM: They are sources of inspiration, they help us get a new perspective on our creations and explore new horizons. The watch industry is very self-centered and tends to use the same codes. Other industries help us use new codes and discover unexpected territories.

How would you describe H Moser & Cie?

MC: I liken H Moser to punk music. It’s bravely willing to go against conventional wisdom.

Mark, which H Moser & Cie model is your favourite?

MC: The minute repeater with the gongs exposed on the dial side of the watch is very interesting. Edouard has been working on a smaller version, which I hope will be available soon.

Edouard, what do you admire most about Mark?

EM: His eye for design and aesthetics––and his eloquence. Mark naturally sees how to combine shapes, colours, materials and proportions to define the perfect object. Furthermore, he knows how to express his vision of a design using very precise details, which makes the development process very smooth.


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