The 300-piece Longitude by Bremont is powered by a brand-new manufacture movement

It would be fair to say Bremont has long been an admirer of both time and space, having collaborated with late-physicist Stephen Hawking’s family just last year in celebration of the watchmaker’s 10th anniversary.

One year on, and Bremont continues to give collectors an otherworldly thrill with its 300-piece Longitude wristwatch, which will be available in boutiques from December. Of the 300 watches available, 150 will be offered in steel, 75 in rose gold and 75 in white gold, with prices ranging between US$16,995 and US$24,995.

Known for incorporating important historical artefacts including fragments of the Enigma wartime coding machine and Lord Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory into its timepieces, Bremont has moulded a section of the brass beam that runs through Greenwich’s Royal Observatory in London into each Longitude.

The brass beam is used to mark the area in which John Flamsteed, who was the founder of Greenwich Observatory and the first astronomer royal of England, charted the position of stars in the 17th and 18th centuries.

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Above Bremont’s Longitude watches (Photo: Bremont)

The Longitude measures a healthy 40mm and comes with a dial decorated with (you guessed it!) longitude-inspired motifs. In a creative twist, the power reserve indicator appears red rather than the standard white when full.

The colour choice represents the observatory's time ball, which would historically be dropped on the hour, and continues to be dropped at one o'clock in the afternoon each day. Made from metal and wood, this timekeeping device was constructed so that ships setting out to sea could adjust their chronometers to the correct time.

Last but not least, the Longitude is powered by a brand-new manufacture movement, called EG300. This 65-hour automatic movement comes with a silicon escapement, and was first conceived in Switzerland by movement maker The+.

EG300 has since been re-engineered and manufactured by Bremont’s in-house technical team at “The Wing”, the brand’s newly opened watchmaking facility in Henley-on-Thames. And for that extra touch, the custom rotor on Longitude has been carefully shaped to reflect the facility’s architectural design. Well done, Bremont. Well done.

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