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Whether you're looking for the ideal stone or a statement-making design, private bespoke jeweller Les Precieux has everything you need for that one-of-a-kind engagement ring

For most couples, the engagement ring is more than just an ornamental jewel: it conveys love, affection and a life-long commitment, and marks the uniqueness of the couple’s journey together. 

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If you’ve scoured every jeweller in Singapore and have yet to come up with something you feel drawn to, it might be time to consider a bespoke jewel. 

This is where Les Precieux comes in. Boasting timeless designs and an expansive collection of diamonds as well as precious and semi-precious gemstones, Les Precieux will elevate your overall bridal experience and ensure that you find the perfect jewel. 

Building a relationship

Purchasing bespoke jewellery is an intimate affair, and Les Precieux begins the process by cultivating a relationship with the couple.  

The relationship begins as soon as you step into the jeweller’s elegant and plush boutique in International Building. Here, Les Precieux’s knowledgeable staff will introduce you to their array of bespoke ring design samples, stones and materials. 

It’s a process of trial and error: you will be encouraged to view and try as many rings as you want, so you can understand your style and what suits you—for example, does rose or white gold work better for your skin? What colours suit your personal style? This enables the Les Precieux team to understand your personality and demeanour, and to recommend what will work best for you. 

Janice Lee, the co-founder of Les Precieux, explains, “A good piece of jewellery should accentuate the character and personality of the wearer and should bring out positive emotions in them. It should also be well suited to the overall demeanour of the wearer.” 

Picking the right stone

The first thing you would do is decide on the stone you want. 

Les Precieux boasts unheated and heated gems in a variety of carats and colours. If you are looking to stray from the classic diamond ring, you also have the option to explore its collection of precious and semi-precious gemstones including gorgeous sapphires of all colours. 

And you can also rest assured that the gems have been sustainably and ethically sourced.

“Overall, if you speak about trends, it is clear that there has definitely been a gradual shift away from traditional naturally mined diamonds to coloured gemstones and lab-grown eco-friendly diamonds over the past decade in terms of what the market wants,” Lee says. She adds that the brand is well-positioned to move towards sustainable consumerism.

While we might be familiar with the concept of blood diamonds (thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio), the reality is that the industry is also plagued with a spectrum of questionable practices, including child labour, damage to the environment, and wages pegged to whether the miner finds a stone or not. Today, the industry is moving towards an equitable future, with an increased focus on improving the conditions of mining communities and minimising the impact on the environment. 

Les Precieux does the hard work for its clients with its commitment to quality and ethics. With natural, untreated and conflict-free stones that also come with certifications from recognised gemological institutions, you can rest assured that you are getting true quality and that your gems are sustainable. Moreover, the brand also offers a selection of ethically-sourced, lab-grown diamonds from certified sellers. 

Designing your band

At this point in the curation stage, you will need to start thinking about the setting, metal and band design of your ring. 

While Les Precieux veers towards a more timeless and classic style, they have certainly kept with the times when it comes to their designing process.

The creative team conceptualises designs that are rendered using a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software instead of hand-drawn sketches, to ensure fewer discrepancies. It also allows you to have an actual visualisation of your ring before it is physically cast.

Throughout this process, Les Precieux’s impeccable staff work with its clients and ensure that all their specifications and needs are met in terms of the design.

The entire process typically takes one to two months from start to finish, giving you access to the best in the jewellery industry. Truly, this experience is the most magical and special way to begin your journey as a married couple.

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