Cover Lion Secret ring (Photo: Courtesy of Chanel)

Chanel's latest jewellery collection pays tribute to Coco Chanel’s favourite city

It should come as no surprise that Venice was Coco Chanel’s favourite city: the designer was drawn to its opulent architecture and quaint canals. But rather than relegate this fact to a moment in history—celebrated only in the maison’s archives—Patrice Leguéreau, director of Chanel’s fine jewellery creation studio, has channelled this history into inspiration for a new high jewellery collection, Escale à Venise.

Translating to “Stopover in Venice”, the 70-piece collection—22 of which are one-of-a-kind creations—celebrates iconic places and spaces in the floating city. The collection features four jewellery ranges, each reflecting a unique Venetian characteristic, while sculpted stones reflect the art forms the city is known for.

The Sérénissime range, inspired by the city’s neo-baroque architecture, pays tribute to the intricate mosaics on basilica across the city. Pieces within this range include the Eblouissante set, which draws on ornate palace façades and marble church floors, reflecting the chequered patterns in a series of pink and white geometric gemstone designs. A rose-gold and platinum drop necklace features a shimmering array of baguette diamonds, a nod to the quilting with which Chanel’s designs quickly became synonymous. A ring from the Sérénissime set features a cross etched in onyx, yellow and mandarin sapphires, with a 6.04-carat pink Padparadscha sapphire centrepiece.

The Gran Canale range features designs inspired by Venice’s famed waterways. Volute Croisière pieces—which include a layered necklace, watch, earrings and several rings—feature a delicate interplay between white gold, onyx and red spinels, recreating the helix design on gondola mooring poles found across the city. The Souvenirs de Venise set pay tribute to popular experiences and keepsakes associated with the city.

Celebrating the brand’s eponymous founder, the Isola Della Laguna range features three sets dedicated to the camellia flower, Chanel’s purported favourite. The Camélia Vénitien set pays tribute to the famed glasswork artisans of the island of Murano. Rock crystal set in yellow gold adorns a set including a necklace, asymmetrical earrings, drop earrings and ring.

Rounding off the collection, Spirito di Venezia puts the spotlight on the lion, emblematic of the city’s spirit and a tribute to Chanel’s astrological sign. This is not the first time the lion has provided inspiration for the maison: in 2013, Chanel dedicated an entire high jewellery collection to the Leo star sign. Spirito di Venezia comprises four sets of jewellery—the ornate yellow-gold, platinum, sapphire and diamond Lion Emblematique; Lion Secret, which boasts a 15.55-carat white-gold and diamond necklace; Lion Céleste, a comparatively understated, elegant set; and the astrologically inspired Constellation Astrale.

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