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The most famous jewellery collectors of all time, and the best “toi et moi” rings to buy now

Annamaria Cammilli

Combining intricate craftsmanship with unusual design, these shape-shifting rings by Italian jeweller Annamaria Cammilli are made in the brand’s various coloured golds. Surprisingly light, these oversized Velaa Pavé Series rings are stunningly sculptural and are now available at Masterpiece by King Fook.


A dazzling art deco Cartier bangle mounted with a stunning 63.66-carat D-colour, pear-shaped, internally flawless diamond has been sold by Sotheby’s Hong Kong for about US$6 million. The house sold the calibré-cut rock crystal-set creation during an auction at which 62 per cent of the bidders participated online.

Suzanne Kalan

Suzanne Kalan’s sparklers are revered the world over for their design, style and workmanship, as well as the jeweller’s penchant for baguette-cut diamonds. Now, Kalan has launched her first-ever black sapphire-set collection, which is largely gender-neutral and defined by her signature Fireworks setting, which groups gemstones together into sparkling explosions.

De Beers

The De Beers Group produces over 30 million carats of rough diamonds every year, which gives the house’s craftspeople plenty to play with. This year, for its 39-piece high jewellery collection, Reflections of Nature, the jeweller has championed a variety of rough and polished stones in different palettes including red, orange and yellow; and grey, green and blue. Five suites have been inspired by countries in which De Beers diamonds are mined; the Ellesmere Treasure suite, in particular, boasts a stunning simplicity. Inspired by Canada’s northernmost island, symmetrical motifs reminiscent of snowflakes are carefully arranged using white diamonds.

Tayma Fine Jewellery

British-born, Hong Kong-based jewellery designer Tayma Page Allies knows perfectly well how to create mesmerising pieces that burst with colour.

We particularly love the designer’s vibrant Dim Sum necklace, which features a wide range of hand-selected gems, including peridot and fire opal with accents of diamonds.

Temple St Clair

Thinking about investing in some contemporary fine jewellery? You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better than what’s coming out of Italy. Temple St Clair seamlessly combines classical Florentine craftsmanship with a modernity that is oh-so-pleasing to the eye.


Mikimoto honours the extravagance and elegance of pearls, with a playful and contemporary twist. This season, the brand adds an artistic selection of pink-gold pendants, earrings and rings to its Cherry Blossom line, which is defined by plump Japanese Akoya cultured pearls.

Jemma Wynne

Each Jemma Wynne piece is handcrafted in New York City with thoughtful design in mind, and the texture of these zodiac-themed pendants illustrates the brand’s unique take on subtle gold shapes. Would you wear yours with or without diamonds?


Cartier’s SurNaturel collection transports us to a magical world where nature takes on extraordinary new forms. Inspired by a peacock, the pictured high jewellery necklace is brought to life using geometrically shaped emeralds and opals, which are marbled with green smudges to depict this majestic bird’s colourful plumage.


A four-petal flower is the focus of attention in Bulgari’s Fiorever collection, embodying the timeless beauty of Rome. The line’s name is the result of a playful combination of the Italian word for “flower”, fiore, and the English word “forever”. A symbol of energy, positivity and joy, this bloom is crafted using white or rose gold, and is set with a precious solitaire diamond at its centre.


Forms is known for its distinctive designs, and the jeweller’s latest innovative ring doesn’t disappoint. This enchanting piece will transport you to an imaginary landscape dominated by towering trees and secretive wildlife, where you can canoe through a flooded forest or doze in a hammock. The vitality of nature is portrayed by an octagonal Colombian emerald weighing 5.73 carats, surrounded by pavé diamonds and triangular wood pieces, which are arranged to form a square with round corners.


Don’t be fooled—these aren’t the precious mother-of-pearl jewels of seasons past. Fred’s pink-gold Chance Infinie pieces are perfect for layering and stacking during these warmer months. Choose from a variety of milky-pink necklaces, bracelets and earrings, all of which are designed around the theme of good fortune. 

Liv Luttrell

Sustainability was important when Liv Luttrell designed this standout ring, which is made using responsibly-sourced, 18-karat yellow gold elevated by a juicy cabochon emerald. No detail is left unconsidered when Luttrell creates her sculptural fine jewellery and bespoke one-of-a-kind sparklers.

Melis Goral

Melis Goral has always applied a fresh take to antique-inspired jewellery, and the brand is now well known for its high- quality pieces, especially those rooted in art deco design. These rose-gold earrings have a natural feel and are anchored to the lobe by diamonds for some cool-girl sparkle.


Hemmerle, which incorporates antique objects and cutting-edge materials into its creations, is known for exceptional design and craftsmanship. This year, the German jeweller celebrates 30 years of its iconic Harmony design with a pair of earrings and a bangle using a brand-new technique that has taken hundreds of hours to master. Copper is placed on top of silver, which is melted at such an intense heat that the two can be rolled into an innovative base material. A sophisticated silhouette is shaped into an open-ended bangle that wonderfully pays tribute to the original creation from 1991.


The Possession collection by Piaget is beautifully made, dusted with diamonds and encrusted with various ornamental stones, including malachite. Choose from the collection’s audacious rings, which feature rotating bands that are paved with diamonds or other precious gems, and open-set bangles that look especially good when stacked.

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