Cover Photo: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Francesca Amfitheatrof unveils her new high jewellery collection for Louis Vuitton, titled ‘Bravery’, with a focus on coloured gemstones

Louis Vuitton is celebrating its bicentenary this year, and its latest high jewellery collection pays tribute to their fearless founder who was born 200 years ago. Francesca Amfitheatrof, Louis Vuitton’s artistic director for watches and jewellery, pays tribute to the brand’s founder’s courageous spirit, naming the collection ‘Bravery’. 

“I was surprised that a fashion house like Louis Vuitton was created through the sheer courage of one young man,” said Amfitheatrof. “Driven by his curiosity about the world, he embarked on that incredible journey across France. That’s why we have named this collection ‘Bravery’. It’s not a word often used in high jewellery! Yet these notions of determination and adventure are intrinsic to Louis Vuitton, and we wanted to express them through this collection.”

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A lot of the mystique around jewellery lies in storytelling and myths, and in this aspect, Louis Vuitton has no shortage of rich history to draw upon. The Bravery high jewellery collection is built upon brand founder Louis Vuitton’s historic journey from his native Jura to Paris, where he would found the iconic French brand.

It consists of several motions, including La Constellation d’Hercule, Le Mythe, L’ Aventure and La Passion. For instance, La Constellation d’Hercule references a rare constellation that is only visible in the night sky from May to August, and it directly references Vuitton’s birthday on 4 August 1821. Amfitheatrof deftly applies tanzanites, opals, and tsavorites to represent this heavenly phenomena, and the stunning result is worthy of its Herculean namesake.

Meanwhile, L’Aventure draws its inspiration from the 400-kilometres journey of roads and forests separating the Jura area from Paris, and alludes to this with lush Colombian emeralds paired with three rows of platinum, yellow gold and white gold entirely pavé-set with diamonds.

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Each motion also focuses on different coloured gemstones, including tanzanites, tsavorites, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. In a testament to its attention to detail, the house undertook a three-year search around the globe to source for the richly coloured gemstones used on the pieces, enhanced by the house’s expertise in jewellery-making and aesthetics. The collection comprises of 90 pieces of exceptional jewellery, and were fashioned in the house’s jewellery workshops at Place Vendôme.

It’s a worthy tribute to visionary spirit of the house’s founder, and an even more stunning way to celebrate the house’s 200 years of history.

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