Cover Celebrate your marriage with a personalised engagement ring and wedding bands (Photo: Michelle Oh)

Celebrate your marriage with a personalised engagement ring and wedding bands, says jewellery designer Michelle Oh

Our appetite for personalised wedding jewellery shows no signs of abating, with more women than ever creating their own designs, either set with meaningful gemstones or stamped with significant star signs.

An expert in making bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands for modern couples, jewellery designer Michelle Oh's pieces are made to be seen and, especially, to last.

Here, Oh gives us her expert tips on how to bring one-of-a-kind custom designs to life.

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1. Take your time

“It can feel overwhelming when you first start a bespoke commission, because there are so many things to consider. Rather than deciding everything in one go, I often ask my clients to focus on what they want to be their centre stone first. The design process will flow naturally to suit whatever they have chosen as the centrepiece. This acts as an anchor, which we can then base the overall design around.”

2. Break the rules (but not all of them)

“The secret to finding a healthy balance between what's original and what’s timeless is retaining at least one traditional element when designing your bespoke jewellery. For example, if you’ve got your heart set on a coloured gemstone that's cut into a quirky shape, keep the rest of the ring’s silhouette pared back so there's not too much going on. If you’d rather have a traditional white diamond, you should consider a more unusual setting so it doesn’t look like everybody else's.”

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3. Be practical

“It’s tempting to customise every little thing about your bespoke ring, but this can result in a design that feels too busy. If you’re commissioning a set, consider how the engagement ring and wedding band will be worn together, as well as how they work individually. A lot of people end up wearing their wedding ring more than their engagement ring, especially later in life, so I like to keep the wedding band simpler and more practical in comparison to the engagement ring.”

4. Think ahead

“Be honest with yourself and try to understand why you’re drawn to certain styles. If you've only recently become ‘obsessed’ with a shape or colour, ask yourself whether this is reflective of what you’re looking for in the long term.”

5. Be true to yourself

“Some of my clients want to be different but, at the same time, worry that if they stray too far from the classic solitaire their jewellery won't ‘look’ like an engagement ring. When commissioning a bespoke ring, it's natural to ask others for their opinion but, at the end of the day, you're the one who will be wearing it. Listen a little less to what your mum, friends or sister think, and focus more on what you like and want from your own ring. You won't regret it.”



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