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Casetify founder and CEO Wesley Ng is no stranger to adopting the latest tech trends, and he’s successfully bought into the most talked about NFTs on the market to merge with his products

Wesley Ng is all about combining tech developments with lifestyle products, and he’s done it again with his recent purchase of an NFT from the ubiquitous Bored Ape Yacht Club—#3583.

As one of the most recognisable NFTs, its exclusivity and celebrity association is only growing as more people buy them. With 10,000 NFTs in the collection available to purchase at 83.4 ETH each—roughly $1.6 million HKD—Ng’s ownership of #3583 will allow him to feature them on future Casetify products.

This isn’t Ng’s first foray into the NFT sphere—in April 2021, he released an exclusive Space Age NFT Art by Casetify, along with a stainless-steel phone case.

Ng then launched NFT Your Case in July, which allows users to create custom phone cases to “flex” their NFT art. By connecting to cryptocurrency wallets, this platform can verify NFT ownership and create a phone case that will share these digital assets in a tangible way.  

"Offering something that's unique to you, fully owned by you, and backed by unshakeable blockchain technology, resonates deeply with Casetify’s founding mission of being unapologetically yourself,” Ng said.


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