This is the phone case you need if you’re after something colourful and are careful about your plastic use

Phone case collaborations are having a major moment, and it makes sense—why wouldn’t you want to accessorise your phone with designs from the people you follow online? But most phone cases are made of plastic, and it can be wasteful in the long run if you like to mix your look up every few months, and Emily Lam-Ho is well aware of this.

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The founder of eco-lifestyle platform 8Shades, as well as co-founder of environmental non-profit organisation EcoDrive and CEO of Empact28, a company that invests in women positively impacting social and environmental issues, Lam-Ho is providing a greener solution to phone cases.

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Above Emily Lam-Ho and Casetify's case (Photo: 8Shades)

The businesswoman has partnered with phone accessories brand Casetify to create a case made of 65% sustainable material. That includes a blend of plant-based bioplastic, recycled factory waste and old phone cases collected from Casetify’s inhouse recycling program, Re/Casetify.
“We’re all about making the world a shade greener and this can be as simple as choosing a phone case that protects both your phone and the planet,” said Lam-Ho.
Wesley Ng, co-founder and CEO of Casetify said: “[We] remain committed to bringing sustainable solutions to the tech accessory market, and our collaboration with 8Shades is a perfect example of that.”
The 8Shades Collection is available here for the iPhone 11, 12 and 13.


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