With its elusive blend of performance, comfort, design and versatility, the McLaren 720S has captured the imaginations of petrolheads worldwide

The rarefied world of supercars is defined as much by performance as it is by preference. Petrolheads are well-known for being exacting in their likes and dislikes, after all, and these vary considerably between individuals. Still, there are cars that stand out with their universal appeal. The McLaren 720S is one. Since its launch, it has picked up numerous awards, including several year-end best ofs, and quickly established itself among enthusiasts as one of today’s top supercars. Vikna Rajah, executive committee partner at Rajah & Tann Singapore, is himself a convert; he shares his reflections on the McLaren 720S below:

What sets the McLaren 720s apart is its superlative blend of performance, comfort, design and versatility. Class-leading specifications lay the groundwork here, beginning with a four-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine that puts out 720 horsepower (hence the 720S moniker) that lets the car perform its century sprint in just 2.9 seconds.

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Harnessing and controlling such power demands finesse, of course, and the McLaren 720S offers razor-sharp handling that attests to the engineering behind its hardware and software. Details such as the low curb weight and carbon fibre monocoque construction are not apparent at first glance, but each contributes to the car’s performance. This extends to the electro-hydraulic steering system, which McLaren opted for over the more common electrically-assisted power steering. With it, the McLaren 720S is able to offer better road feel, which translates to a more intimate driving experience.

The steering system, in turn, works in tandem with the car’s Active Dynamics to offer a range of dynamics on the road by changing parameters such as engine responsiveness, dampening behaviour and traction control. The default Comfort mode is well-suited for everyday driving, while Sport and Track modes turn things up progressively for greater performance and excitement.

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What completes the package here is the McLaren 720S’s design, which has a teardrop-inspired profile that was developed for aerodynamism. While this is a function of its purpose—to deliver maximum performance—the car still retains a design language that’s quintessentially McLaren, right down to the dihedral doors that offers greater ease of entry and exit.

The McLaren 720S is widely recognised as being one of the best supercars in the world today. This is especially impressive considering that it has just turned five years old which, in the world of supercars, is an awfully long period of time. This modern classic doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, however, and looks set to be leading the pack for quite a while to come.

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