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The upcoming iPhone 13 is reported to get at least three major new camera and video-recording features

As we’re anticipating the annual Apple September event, it’s not only the AirPods 3 that we should be excited about but also the upcoming iPhone 13. According to Bloomberg’s resident Apple insider, the next iPhone lineup—likely to be called iPhone 13—will have at least three new camera and video-recording features.

One of the three new camera features is the video portrait mode that can automatically blur the background of the footage. The other features include recording video in a higher-quality format called ProRes, and a new filtres-style editing system that improves your photos.

The camera updates on iPhone 12 have been one of its defining features and it’s set to be the same for the next iPhone.

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The ProRes feature will mimic a similar format used by video editors, which allows them more control over the footage. Recordings can be done in HD or 4K resolutions.

Expected to go on sale after the anticipated September event if there are no delays, the new iPhones will also have other upgrades such as a faster A15 chip and a smaller display cut out. The screen will get a revamp that allows a faster refresh rate for smoother scrolling. In terms of size, the iPhones will keep the same 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch sizes.

Despite these updates, Bloomberg's report says that they are “modest” compared to iPhone 12s. Besides the iPhone and AirPod 3, other products on the way include revamped MacBook Pros, new Apple Watches and a redesigned iPad mini.

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