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Amp up your listening experience with five of the best in-ear buds this 2021!

If you love moving around without your earphones shackled to your device, maybe it's time for you to grab a pair of wireless earbuds or in-ear headphones. Although relatively smaller, these devices allow you to walk at least 30 feet away from your primary gadget; some of them can also connect you to your virtual assistant in one tap.

Listed below are earbuds that you should try this year!   

1. Sennheiser Momentum II

If good music is a priority, you might want to spend a little more for the Sennheiser Momentum II. The device promises good passive noise cancellation and top-notch audio quality. It also features sweat resistance, making it perfect for workouts. 

Available in two colours (black and white), the Sennheiser Momentum II is one of the better-looking true wireless options on the market. It boasts a weave fabric-covered case which is rare for in-ear buds today.

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2. Apple Airpods Pro

Just like its predecessor, the Apple Airpods Pro offers a pressure-sensitive system and good active noise cancellation. With its new and improved design, the device fits the ears better and even fit securely in the ear canal. 

By sealing the ear canal, the Airpods pro gives off quality sounds (both music and calls) as it prevents other sounds around you from drowning your tunes. 

3. Samsung Galaxy Buds II

The Samsung Galaxy Buds II are attention-grabbing devices because of their unique and easy-on-the-eye colour and design. These recently released in-ear buds stayed true to their purpose: they produce sounds that are "crisp, clear high notes and a deep bass."

Affordable and light, the Samsung Galaxy Buds II also claims to reduce background noise by up to 98 per cent. 

4. Sony WF-XB700

The Sony WF-XB700 has a lot to offer: comfort, bass-heavy sound, and finally an 18-hour battery life. The device is also one of Sony's most affordable and accessible earbuds. One of the device's biggest drawbacks is the lack of a noise cancellation feature. 

5. JBL Tune 120 TWS

Who says in-ear headphones always have to look sharp and sophisticated? With JBL's Tune 120 TWS, users can enjoy highly functional earphones with colourful designs. Thanks to its integrated microphone, users can take calls even when they're far from their mobile devices.

The device also features carefully placed buttons that allow users to reach a voice assistant in one tap. 

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6. Marshall Mode II

Marshall Mode II offers more than just a good and sleek design. The brand claims that the case has enough power to provide the earbuds with four full recharges. Since the device can last for up to five hours of straight listening time, that gives users 25 hours total.

For the sound, the Marshall Mode II does a good job in making the user hear everything from guitars, horns, keys, vocals, and drums.

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7. Jabra Elite Active 75T

Jabra has a pretty good reputation when it comes to earphones. The brand's Elite Active 75T is the perfect companion for daily workouts; it can withstand dust, sweat, and even features a pressure relief vent that simultaneously filters unnecessary noise while promoting a strong bass response.

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