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Kakao M recently pulled numerous K Pop tracks from global music streaming app, Spotify. Although we will miss having the likes of IU, Epik High, Seventeen, MAMAMOO, and more on our playlists, here are a few other music platforms to check out—if you haven't already!

1. YT Music

If you are not currently subscribed to Youtube Premium, then now is a perfect time! The app has an easy to use and seamless interface that includes your favourites tracks (carried from your Youtube account), and a few mixes recommended from your history. You can switch between music and video with ease, so you get the best of both worlds! It also features a Moods & Genres section so you can navigate music choices depending on the vibe you're feeling on that day. 

2. Soundcloud

Soundcloud has long been a haven for music producers, creators, and collaborators. Once you have an account (which you can get for free), you can easily stream and discover new artists from all over the world. Envisioned as a music library for creators, users are also able to comment on tracks, repost them, like, and share. 

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3. Apple Music

Much like the rest of Apple's line of products, its music platform is sleek, straight-forward, and chic. Boasting perhaps one of the cleanest interfaces on a streaming app, Apple Music brings you around 70 million tracks which are made available across all your Apple devices. It also has a lot of amazing content to be discovered on Apple Radio. 

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4. Melon Music

If you're missing the K Pop artists recently pulled from Spotify, then it might be best to give Melon Music a try—you can log in using your Kakao account (if you already have one). Here, you can upvote your favourite tracks with likes / hearts and even download your favourite Kpop music videos!

Tatler Trivia: Melon Music also holds a yearly award show to celebrate the best performing tracks and artists.

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5. Tidal

'High Fidelity Music Streaming'—this is Tidal's motto. The platform brings together the best music tracks with the best audio quality. Its sleek interface is also another reason to love it. Enjoy hi-fi music for free for 30 days; livestreams and exclusive music videos also await! Don't forget to check out Tidal magazine too which offers an array of literature, from interviews, essays, and think pieces on culture and music today. 

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