Cover Jeff Goldblum at Prada Menswear 2022 (Photo: Prada)

The show featured 10 major actors among the ranks of the models, including the likes of the aforementioned Jurassic Park’ legend and Kyle MacLachlan of ‘Twin Peaks’, but this is who we thought stood out the most

Fashion Month started with a bang at the Prada Menswear autumn-winter 2022 show. A decade after the memorable autumn-winter 2012 show that featured the likes of Gary Oldman and Willem Dafoe, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons stepped it up and took the novel "celebrity in a fashion show" idea to the next level. Prada and Simons selected a seriously star-studded cast of models, including Hollywood stars Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Asa Butterfield, Jeff Goldblum, Damson Idris, Kyle MacLachlan , Tom Mercier, Jaden Michael, Louis Partridge, Ashton Sanders and Filippo Scotti.

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The show notes expressed, "Actors are interpreters of reality, employed to echo truth through their portrayals," and so this emphasis on including actors in the line-up brought the clothing to life, as echoed by the sentiment, "Real men, recognised figures, they bring a new facet of reality.” All 10 stars looked fantastic on the runway in elegantly tailored bomber jackets, parkas and knitwear, and we decided to rank them from “pretty suave” to “certified Prada man”.

10/ Tom Mercier

Tatler Asia
Above Tom Mercier (Photo: Prada)

The Synonyms actor looked slick in this oversized suit and turtleneck combo, but gloves, ankle accessories and a single earring might be fairly new for his usually minimalistic style. We’ll give him credit for making his way down the Prada catwalk anyways.

9/ Filippo Scotti

This Italian actor made his Netflix debut at the end of last year with The Hand of God, and we’re getting Timothée Chalamet vibes with his curly hair and awkward roles. We loved this furry black Prada get up, and we can’t wait for him to pull off more elaborate looks.

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Above Filippo Scotti (Photo: Prada)

8/ Damson Idris

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Above Damson Idris (Photo: Prada)

Damson Idris’s look is a masterclass in layering: Check out the double turtleneck, shirt and coat situation. The cream, grey and pop of green were an ideal colour palette for Idris, and we loved the steely gaze he carried over from his Netflix show, Outside the Wire.

7/ Asa Butterfield

The Sex Education star was miles away from his teen boy character, Otis, who navigated relationships—in fact he looked extremely confident on the runway, and it might be because the Prada blue gloves and ankle accessories made his eyes really pop.

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Above Asa Butterfield (Photo: Prada)

6/ Thomas Brodie-Sangster

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Above Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Photo: Prada)

We got attitude from Thomas Brodie-Sangster, akin to his bad boy image as the cowboy chess-whiz from The Queen’s Gambit. The all black outfit looked good on the blonde, and his deep-parted slicked hairdo and dangling earring added to his overall model vibe.

5/ Ashton Sanders

Ashton Sanders served modern Matrix with this black leather coat looks—the lime green shirt, gloves and trousers were the perfect base layers to elevate this expertly tailored coat, and the pop of the brown patterned turtleneck did a lot to balance the volume of the baggy trouser hems.

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Above Ashton Sanders (Photo: Prada)

4/ Jaden Michael

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Above Jaden Michael (Photo: Prada)

This 18-year-old portrayed Colin Kaepernick in the recent series, Colin in Black & White, so he needed guts and grace to pull off the role. Both qualities were also seen in his walk and the way he carried his outfit, which was both youthful yet elegant. Now we want to wear a slim-fit jumper, trousers, suspenders, gloves and pre-20s confidence.

3/ Jeff Goldblum

Hear us out as to why Jeff Goldblum isn’t first: the man absolutely killed it closing the show, but the thing is, we already know he can slay an editorial look. The entirely black outfit, furry coat and power stance was very commandeering, and a little Willem Dafoe circa 2012 too.

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Above Jeff Goldbum (Photo: Prada)

2/Kyle MacLachlan

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Above Kyle McLaughlin (Photo: Prada)

Kyle MacLachlan at Prada was like if Special Agent Dale Cooper went into fashion instead of going to Twin Peaks. Prada blue, navy and yellow are a colour combination made for this man, and the way McLaughlin wore this coat also reminded us of his royal role as Paul Atreides in Dune.

1/ Louis Partridge

 Louis Partridge is a Prada man through and though. The Enola Holmes actor initially wanted to be a runway model, so he was really just living his best life out here. His hair, his stare, his general air and the pieces he was wearing—everything was on point and that’s why he’s our number 1.

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Above Louis Partridge (Photo: Prada)
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